10 Best Artist Backpack of 2022|| Our No.1 Pick Is Awesome!

Any artist who wants a smooth operation requires the best artist backpack. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best backpacks that artists can use. The backpacks that we have reviewed here were listed after we made a comparison of over 50 backpacks.

In addition to that, we have also included a buyer’s guide that will help you to make an ideal choice for your personal use. You shouldn’t miss out on the tips that we have included here. That’s why you need to read this post


1. 4K Canvas Drawing Artist BagCheck On Amazon
2. ZUCA Artist Backpacks w/Utility PouchesCheck On Amazon
3. Sienna Plein Air Ultimate BackpackCheck On Amazon
4. US Art Supply Black Nylon Artist BackpackCheck On Amazon
5. Tanchen 4K Canvas Artist BackpackCheck On Amazon
6. En Plein Air Pro 60L Artist BackpackCheck On Amazon
7. Artoop Water-resistant Artist Portfolio BackpackCheck On Amazon
8. Art Portfolio Carry Case BackpackCheck On Amazon
9. Drawing Board Backpack Art Carrying CaseCheck On Amazon
10. Martin Universal Design Artist BackpackCheck On Amazon

1. 4K Canvas Drawing Artist Bag

4K Canvas Drawing Artist Bag
Artist Backpack

Canvas bag
Brown color
Multifunctional pocket design
Easy to carry for any art student

The first backpacks for art students are the 4K Canvas Drawing Board Bag – Artist Portfolio Backpack.

This backpack is simple to use. It is made of quality heavy canvas and has good air permeability in case you are sweating.

Due to the multi-functional pocket design, it can hold several drawing pads and drawing panels. There are front pockets that can easily hold the brushes and the drawing pencils too.

  • Quality heavy canvas
  • Good air permeability
  • Easy to carry
  • Anti-aging
  • Large additional pockets
  • Limited colors option

The bag also offers the best anti-aging touch with an extra-large capacity for its additional pockets.

2. ZUCA Artist Backpacks w/Utility Pouches

ZUCA Artist Backpacks w-Utility Pouches
Zuca Artist Backpack

Thermal pocket
4 clear vinyl pockets
Hand strap
Shoulder strap

Talk of an art backpack that allows you to carry pallets and books easily than the ZUCA Artist Backpacks w/Utility Pouches comes to mind.

It is easy to work with and offers different storage compartments that are also easy to access too. There are two different ways that you can choose to carry this art backpack including the use of a shoulder strap and also a hand strap.

Additionally, there are 4 clear vinyl pockets for organization and a door panel for the small items.

  • Easy to carry in several ways
  • Good ventilation system
  • Comfortable carrying options
  • Easily accessible front pockets
  • Vast interior
  • No UV ray’s protection

Has a thermal pocket that you can use for flat iron and also curling iron.

3. Sienna Plein Air Ultimate Backpack

Sienna Plein Air Ultimate Artist Backpack
Sienna Plein Air Ultimate Artist Backpack

Buckle and strap technology
Numerous compartments 
Back pockets
Convenient strap for longevity

If you want the best multifunctional artist backpack, you can always rely on the Sienna Plein Air Ultimate Backpack.

Every pocket comes with a buckle and strap technology that you can use to keep your contents safe inside the bag and also the small back pockets.

More importantly, the bag is cool and comes in black color that’s quite appealing to the eyes. You can always love the black since it doesn’t dull up faster.

  • Compact when stored
  • Versatile carrying options
  • Has a shoulder straps
  • Light in weight
  • Uses adjustable buckle
  • Compartments aren’t lockable

This bag is simple to use and comes with so many features that you will love. It has numerous pockets that make your organization really simple.

4. US Art Supply Black Nylon Art Portfolio Carry Backpack

US Art Supply Black Nylon Art Portfolio Carry Backpack
US Art Supply Black Nylon Art Portfolio Carry Artist Backpack

2-front zippered pockets
Carry Backpack
Black nylon

The next art supply backpack is the US Art Supply Black Portfolio Carry Backpack. This is made out of black nylon. It has one large zippered compartment and 2-front zippered pockets.

There is one meshed elastic pocket and a poster tube pocket. This backpack is easy to use and will work so great for the students.

You can also use it as a field painter in case you want to transport canvas or your paper pads for a drawing session.

  • Suitable for people of different stature
  • Has a hand strap that’s easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Top carrier strap
  • Wear-resistant handguard
  • Not ideal for the huge load

It is easy to carry by the handle or with the top carrier strap. You can also use the padded shoulder strap.

5. Tanchen 4K Canvas Artist Portfolio Carry Shoulder Bag

Tanchen 4K Canvas Artist Portfolio
Tanchen 4K Canvas Backpack

Shoulder Bag
Navy blue color

Apart from the zuca artist backpacks, another best backpack for artists is the Tanchen 4K Canvas Artist Portfolio Carry Shoulder Bag.

It comes in awesome navy-blue color and has the buckle and strap technology. The backpack is made out of high-quality canvas and is one of the most reliable.

It has the best anti-aging touch and will leave you with an easy carrying time using the shoulder strap or the hand strap.

  • Feels comfortable and so easy to carry
  • Multi Pockets
  • Anti-aging touch
  • Side storage
  • Buckle strap technology
  • Limited colors to choose from

The strap is thickened and comes with a widened design that adds the best shock-proof cotton for a comfy carriage.

6. En Plein Air Pro 60L Artist Backpack

En Plein Air Pro 60L Artist Backpack
En Plein Air Pro 60L Artist Backpack

600D fabric large art bag
Back flap touch
zippered pocket

While the sakroots artist circle backpack is also cool, the En Plein Air Pro 60L Artist Backpack is a good choice too.

It offers a large capacity and will carry more things. Even better, the bag is padded and comes with the adjustable shoulder straps that make it easy to carry.

The straps can be easily zipped to make the best back flap touch of all the bags. As if that’s not enough, the bag also has several compartments that will hold any type of easel set-up.

  • Best for metal easel
  • Durable fabric
  • Fast and easy storage
  • Large pocket for storage
  • Zippered compartments
  • Zipper access in the main compartment could be improve

Made of 600D high strength fabric with ultra-durable qualities. It also has two front pockets for carrying paints and brush rolls.

7. Artoop Water-resistant Artist Portfolio Backpack

Artoop Water-resistant Artist Backpack
Artoop Water-resistant Artist Portfolio Backpack

Portfolio backpack
Light blue color

Among the simplest makeup artist backpacks that you will find is the Artoop Water-resistant Artist Portfolio Backpack.

This one comes with a simple design. It has a light blue color and looks very radiant from afar too. The bag is made from the heavy canvas and offers a soft and extremely lightweight touch too.

There is the inner lining that’s made from several waterproof materials that will protect all your stuff from any water-related damage.

  • Middle bag storage
  • Best for artist and students
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Waterproof design
  • Soft padding at the back
  • Limited colors option

It is excellent for use and offers the best water-resistant performance than most of the bags here.

8. Water-Resistant Art Portfolio Carry Case Backpack

Water-Resistant Art Portfolio Carry Case Backpack
Water-Resistant Art Portfolio Carry Case Backpack

Oxford fabric
Zippered compartments

Another top-rated artist portfolio backpack is the Water-Resistant Art Portfolio Carry Case Backpack.

This artist’s backpack is equally very ideal. It is made of high-quality oxford fabric and comes with several storage pockets.

Every pocket has a water-resistant liner that helps to keep all your projects safe and also organized. 

More importantly, the backpack is also ideal for any of your outdoor sketching and painting needs.

Apart from the zippered compartments, it is easy to carry with shoulder straps and features thick breathable padding.

  • High-quality oxford fabric
  • Safe and easy to lock
  • Water-resistant liner
  • Shoulder strapping
  • Zippered compartments
  • Shallow user manual

It offers one of the best portfolios for art students and architecture students. However, it is best for the artists.

9. Drawing Board Backpack Art Carrying Case

Drawing Board Backpack Art Carrying Case
Drawing Board Artist Backpack Art Carrying Case

Yellow and dark blue 
Outer compartments 
Buckle and strap technology

The Drawing Board Backpack Art Carrying Case is one of the best backpacks for art students. It is easy to use and offers one of the best flexible designs.

The bag offers an easy to access shoulder strap and also reduces the gravitational pull that might come when you carry the bag.

The buckles and strap design are easy to secure and allows the main items to be kept safe from any damaging objects.

The color is also cool. You will get a yellow touch on the outer compartments with a dark blue color on the back.

  • Access shoulder strap
  • Cool color
  • Outer compartments
  • Buckles and strap design
  • Better stability on the back
  • Catches dirt easily

It offers one of the largest storage capacities for the pallets and drawing canvases. Easy to carry.

10. Martin Universal Design Just Stow-It Backpack

Martin Universal Design Just Stow-It Artist Backpack
Martin Universal Design Just Stow-It Backpack

Removable brush
Removable pad holder
Water-resistant fabrics
Super cool for art workers

Finally, we have the Martin Universal Design Just Stow-It Backpack among the best art backpacks that we laid here.

This backpack is also awesome and is best used as an art supply backpack. It has a removable brush/tool case. The case easily attaches under the main front flap.

In addition to that, the backpack also has a removable pad holder that will easily assist you when there is a need to draw and sketch when moving.

  • Case easily attaches
  • Removable pad holder
  • Removable brush/tool case
  • Expansive compared to similar feature product
  • No multi-color variant

Best Buyers Guide for the Best Artist Backpack

If you are looking at securing your best zuca artist backpack, then you need to enjoy the top-rated design. This type of design will give you an easy option and a durable type of backpack model too. To get such type of backpack, here is what you have to consider.


The price of the backpack is very important. It will determine if you can afford the backpack or not. To get a price that favors you, it is important that you determine a budget before you go shopping.

Sit down and determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend. This is a great way to avoid impulse buying.


The amount of storage capacity that your sakroots artist circle backpack offers is very important. It should be adequate for all your drawing canvases, pads, and also easels. This is ideal since an artist needs all their tools to get the best out of their designs.


Another thing that you should consider is the type of material that the backpack has been made of. You need a durable material that will last long. In essence, you can go for heavy-duty canvas, high-quality nylon, or even any other waterproof material.


While most of the best makeup artist backpacks are easy to carry, a model that has a padded handle is equally important. It will give you a soft landing and will help you to carry your back for long without any pain around the shoulders.

Artist Portfolio Backpack: Additional Information

Apart from the buyer’s guide, there are many other additional things that you need to understand about the best artist portfolio backpacks. They include:


For your best artist portfolio backpack to last, you have to maintain the backpack well. You need to clean regularly. Regular cleaning will eliminate dirt and leave the color of the back striking as before.


Water and paint don’t go together especially if it is rainwater. You need a backpack that will keep your work safe even when you have been caught by an abrupt rain. Make sure that the waterproof touch is reliable.


When buying your best artist backpack, you should also ensure that you consider the best buying platform. The online platform is the best and will save you time, energy, and money. Online platforms offer the best discounts and also make deliveries to your doorstep. 


It is unfortunate that most of these backpacks for artists will not offer a warranty. Even so, if you can find one that does, it will be to your advantage. You can always take that type of artist backpack if it is ideal for your needs.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best artist backpack then the reviews that we have here may have given you the best choice to go with. In addition to that, the best backpacks for art students are now easy to pick. Thanks to the buyer’s guide that we have given you here.

So, if you want the best art backpack for your use, we suggest getting a model that suits your needs according to what we have given you here. There are many things to look at including the color, ease of maintenance, and the capacity of the best backpack for artists.

Make sure that is you choose this type of backpack; you will get what you need to work with especially in any type of weather. Always take note of the rainy weather too.

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