Best Backpack For Gadgets

Best Backpack For Gadgets of 2022

Gadgets are great– we like them as much as you do! But carrying those gadgets around in a bag can be difficult. The bags for gadgets have more pockets than any other type of backpack, but they’re still not big enough to accommodate all the gear you need to bring with you on your adventures.

There are plenty of things that make up the best backpack for gadgets: size and design, water resistance, compartments, carrying space, and weight. It’s important that your backpack is well-fitted for all the gadgets you need to bring with you, so we’ve compiled a list of what we think are some great options.

List of The Best Backpack for Gadgets

Samsonite Gadget BackpackCheck Price
Nubily Gadget Anti theft BackpackCheck Price
Endurax Extra Large DSLR Camera BackpackCheck Price
Tzowla Water Resistance Travel Backpack GadgetCheck Price
Mancro Gadget Travel BackpackCheck Price
ZUK Crossbody Small Gadget BackpackCheck Price
USA GEAR Portable Camera BackpackCheck Price
MOSISO Stylish Gadget BackpackCheck Price

Samsonite Gadget Backpack

Samsonite Gadget Backpack

Now you can take your laptop and gadgets (like those cell phones that are much too big) with you, without breaking a sweat.

The Samsonite OpenRoad Laptop Business Backpack has room to fit the newest 15″ MacBook Pro, sizes up to 14.1″, and even some of today’s top-selling smartphones like the iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21. And don’t worry about getting anything dirty; this pack comes in nylon and polyester fabrics so that dirt won’t spot on these chic colors.

You’ll also love how to zipper compartments isolate little things, so they’re easy to find–even if you get distracted (hint: it’s not just office supplies). Smart Fit laptop compartment is specially constructed with elastic to give you the best fit possible, so your laptop will be safe and sound.

What We Liked

  • Enormous storage space
  • Durable fabric
  • High-Quality Zipper Compartments

What Could Be Improved

  • The price is a little high
  • The bag is heavy

Recommendation: This backpack has been designed with enormous storage space, so you’ll be able to take your favorite tech toys with you on the go. It comes in both nylon and polyester fabrics which are durable enough that dirt won’t bother them. The price is a little high, but you can be sure that the quality of this bag won’t disappoint.

Nubily Gadget Anti theft Backpack

Nubily Gadget Anti theft Backpack

Nubily is the best budget gadget backpack for people who want to take their gadgets everywhere they go. It has a padded compartment for 17.3-inch laptops. It also has an interior mesh pocket for business files and 2 zipper compartments in the main area of the bag that can fit things like clothes or accessories (perfect if you want to travel).

The 3-zipper pocket is kept securely on one side while providing easy access to your odds and ends like mobile phones where there are also 4 small pockets located conveniently inside.

The back has a safe zip anti-theft pocket which gives you peace of mind when carrying it out in public or leaving it behind at work or home unattended. It’s covered with mesh, so you can have quick access essentials right on your back.

What We Liked

  • Budget-friendly
  • Padded compartment for laptops
  • Interior mesh pocket
  • Zipper compartments in the main area of the bag

What Could Be Improved

  • No Complaints So Far! 🙂

Recommendation: This backpack is designed to be a durable and budget-friendly option for those who want their gadgets with them at all times, no matter where they are! It’s got plenty of padding in different areas of the bag so that there’s always some available should your device need it. The exterior provides zipper compartments on both sides while also having an anti-theft safe zip pouch that will give you peace of mind when you’re on the go.

Endurax Extra Large DSLR Camera Backpack

Endurax Extra Large DSLR Camera Backpack Gadget Bag

Endurax Extra Large DSLR Camera Backpack is a large backpack with two compartments. One side is to fit your every need. The second side can hold a pro-sized mirrorless camera, 6-8 lenses, 2-3 flashes, and tons of small pockets for storage.

Some features like the organizer compartments let you store many odds and ends so they don’t get lost while on the go or during travel. The custom dividers allow you to organize everything just as needed, even partitions for storing digital devices such as smartphones and tablets!

Need a break from photography? Flip-up your tripod onto its shoulder straps so not only does it feel comfortable but also sets the camera up properly without straining your neck while carrying.

What We Liked

  • Padded, foam-lined and waterproofed interior
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Air mesh shoulder straps

What Could Be Improved

  • A little heavy for a small backpack (these are made for pro photographers)

Recommendation: This gadget bag is perfect for all your photography needs and keeps everything safe, secure, and well-organized. It’s a little heavy, but it’s worth it to be able to carry around this durable, waterproofed bag without worrying about anything getting wet or damaged from the rain!

Tzowla Water Resistance Travel Backpack Gadget

Tzowla Travel Backpack Gadget

Love your laptop? Tired of dog-tired from dragging around heavy luggage and wearisome outerwear to keep up with today’s technology boom and app addiction? Well, the wait is finally over!

Introducing a backpack that allows you access into all areas and has space for anything else you need, including those pesky cords. Say goodbye to sore arms.

The fact that it’s water resistant means no more worrying about spilling coffee on your new laptop or bringing rain gear just in case. It even has connections to charge any device with USB ports so you can power everything up without running out of juice!

Make travel a little less stressful when traveling light lets Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack take care of all the heavy lifting.

Some clever features of this traveler’s companion include zipper pulls that can lock and hidden pockets for storing your passport, credit cards, phone, and headphones. There is also a zippered pocket inside the bag where you can store your cords.

What We Liked

  • Plenty of room that’s easy to pack and access
  • Front organizer pocket includes a key fob so
  • Padded laptop compartment with soft lining and zipper pocket, fits most 15″ laptops (fits up to 17″)
  • You can find it in different colors and patterns, so there should be something for everyone

What Could Be Improved

  • Some customers have had trouble with the zippers not working well on their bags. Make sure you’re careful when unzipping this bag.

Recommendation: We found this backpack is stylish and functional as it can fit all of your gadgets and things. If you’re looking for a stylish backpack to carry all of your gadgets with you, this is the perfect one.

Mancro Gadget Travel Backpack

Mancro Gadget Travel Backpack

This Mancro Gadget Travel Backpack is a great way to go hands free while taking care of your gadgets. It has plenty of space for all your essentials and just enough pockets to keep you organized on the go.

A separate side compartment fits water bottles, umbrellas, books, or files with plenty of room to spare. The exterior zip pocket provides quick access anytime for your keys, phone, or wallet. And it has an external USB charging cable built-in, so you don’t have to worry about always carrying around an extra cord.

Made with durable polyester fabric that’s also resistant to rain and spills, this backpack is perfect for any trade show or conference if you need easy accessibility from morning until night!

What We Liked

  • Durable material
  • Water resistant
  • Enough pockets and compartments to stay organized
  • Anti-theft features
  • Lightweight design

What Could Be Improved

  • Smaller pockets than other backpacks on this list

Recommendation: This one is the best gadget travel backpack for anyone who needs to carry around their gadgets and other items. It has enough storage space, anti-theft features, and its lightweight design makes this one of the best backpacks for gadgets on the market today. The adjustable straps make carrying it comfortable too, so you can enjoy your day!

ZUK Crossbody Small Gadget Backpack

ZUK Crossbody Small Gadget Backpack

Don’t sacrifice style for security and need to carry around a bulky Sling Bag. You can have both with this lightweight anti-theft backpack.

This bag features an easy to set your own code that keeps your privacy as well as a USB port so you can charge your electronics on the go. The back hidden pocket protects the valuables in case of theft or from thieves who see it sticking out when hanging on public transportation and hide in plain sight.

You now don’t need to worry about your safety at night because of its reflective design, which is also breathable. A decompression carrying system could help ventilate your body in heat/crowded situations like a subway station, or bus crowded place. It’s not only more comfortable but also more stylish with a whole range of colors to choose from.

What We Liked

  • A decompression carrying system aids in ventilation for when you’re dealing with heat or being crowded inside a bus station
  • Has a hidden pocket for your valuables so you can be at ease when in crowded areas like bus stations or subway stations.
  • The reflective design is also breathable.
  • This backpack is comfortable and comes in a variety of colors, allowing it to suit your style.

What Could Be Improved

  • Some say that the laptop compartment is too tight, but this is not the case if you get a size bigger than your laptop.
  • The reflective design could be seen as too flashy for some people’s tastes.

Recommendation: This ZUK backpack offers a variety of stylish and lightweight colors, as well as hidden pockets to keep your valuables safe in areas where you may not feel secure. The reflective design is also breathable, so it can help with ventilation when dealing with heat or crowded subway stations. This is a great small gadget backpack if you’re looking for one that’s stylish and protective.

USA GEAR Portable Camera Backpack

USA GEAR Portable Camera Backpack

Tired of carrying those heavy gadgets? Finally, spotting a backpack that is not only lightweight but also very spacious and safe.

Introducing to you the USA GEAR Portable Camera Backpack with its extra features built in specifically for holding DSLRs (and others), without all the bulk! It’s made from high quality materials that make it durable and tough, so you can have peace of mind when storing expensive gear.

The straps are well-designed to distribute weight evenly and comfortably on your shoulders or back—you’ll even find deep pockets on the side for your fits phone, wallet, pens…you name it. What are you waiting for? Have time to film distant wildlife because this bag will keep up!

What We Liked

  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Extra features for DSLRs and other gadgets
  • Straps are well-designed to distribute weight evenly

What Could Be Improved

  • None found so far!

Recommendation: The tech gadget backpack is made from high-quality materials that will last for a while without wearing down or tearing, making this a great investment in your photography gear. Best of all, the straps are designed to distribute weight evenly so you don’t end up with major back pain after only carrying it around for an hour or so.

MOSISO Stylish Gadget Backpack

MOSISO Stylish Gadget Backpack

The MOSISO Stylish Gadget Backpack is the perfect solution for creative journeys. The soft-sided camera back is waterproof and made with padded compartments that can securely hold your camera, accessories, and personal belongings.

You will love the durability of this backpack because it doesn’t scratch or puncture easily. Don’t worry about getting tired as the high elastic back cushion will make carrying your items more comfortable.

The versatile designs are a must-have when going on trips or when you’re stuck in one location for an extended length of time. So for those who are ready to take on the world with your camera in tow, then this backpack is just what you need.

What We Liked

  • Waterproof material
  • Durable construction
  • Padded for protection against impacts
  • Stylish design gadget pack that suits all

What Could Be Improved

  • It is difficult to find the correct size for your camera.

Recommendation: The MOSISO Stylish Gadget Backpack has a lot of advantages that make it worth your time and money. The water repellent material is easy to clean and resistant to wear, tear, water, dust. The padding ensures your camera remains safe from impact while the multiple compartments keep everything neatly organized.

Best Backpack for Gadgets: What to Look For?

What to look for while purchase a best backpack for gadgets?

When looking to purchase a new backpack for your gadgets, there are many factors that you should consider. Here is the list of criteria that we recommend:


Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes, but make sure it fits comfortably on your back and shoulders before making any purchases. If possible try some on first to see what will work best with your body size.

For example: if someone carries an average amount of stuff (laptop charger, laptop sleeve, tablet case,) then they can get away with the smaller model backpack, but if someone is carrying a heavier load (laptop charger, laptop sleeve, tablet, and power cord,) then they should get the larger one.


The pack should feel good on your back and shoulders without feeling too tight or heavy in any specific area, no matter the weight of what’s inside.

Consider buying a backpack with adjustable hip straps to distribute some of the weight from your shoulders to take some pressure off those less used muscles.

Size & Capacity:

You want something large enough so that you can carry everything without lugging too many bags around, but also small enough that you’ll actually use it!

Find out how much stuff will go into your new gadgets backpack by looking over lists from previous trips as well as your daily routine.


Consider the convenience features of your new backpacks. Look at how many compartments it has so you can easily find what you need instead of taking everything out to find something in the bottom.

Make sure there are designated pockets for different items like a dedicated spot for your phone or sunglasses.


A good quality bag will last longer than cheaply made bags because better materials mean less wear and tear on straps as well as zippers that will stay intact over time.

So if choosing between two models with similar prices, go with the more expensive one since something will have to be sacrificed in the cheaper model anyways.

Waist strap:

A waist strap, which many hiking packs include, will help distribute the load from your shoulders to your hips.

And while it might seem like an unnecessary luxury, remember that if you need to take off running at any point or tuck and roll out of the way in case there’s danger ahead, every ounce counts.

Water-resistance features:

If you are going somewhere where rain could pose a threat to your gadgets, look for a pack that has heavy-duty water-resistant zips and exterior coating.

Look out for the little details:

Make sure to check whether you can store cables in an external pocket or if there’s enough room inside the bag between compartments so they don’t get tangled up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of backpack should you get for your gadget, laptop, etc.?

Choosing the right backpack for your gadgets is not as easy a task as it might seem at first. There are many different features you’ll want to take into account, and individual needs will vary between people: some need more space than others, while those that carry laptops with them on their back prefer one type of padding over another.

How do I know what kind of backpack is right for me?

This is a tough question to answer without knowing what you’re carrying around on your back. It’s important that the backpack has enough space for all of your gear, and it also needs to be comfortable when worn. The only way to find out if it will work with your needs in these two respects is by trying them on!

What gadgets people usually carry on their backpacks?

As people are utilizing their smartphones more and more, they’re also likely to have some other devices that they carry with them. These might include iPads, laptops (either a tablet or laptop), cameras, tablets, headphones, pens/pencils/erasers, etc.

Our Final Thoughts

So as you can see, there is no single best backpack for gadgets, but by considering all these features and picking out something that suits your needs from this list of top eight options, hopefully, we’ve helped make things easier!

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