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10 Best Backpacks for Back Pain of 2022 | Tested by Chiropractor

Best backpacks for back pain feature img

10 Best Backpacks for Back Pain of 2021

Did you know that wearing a poorly fitting backpack is one of the most common causes of back pain? Lower back pain occurs in people of any age for a variety of reasons.

The human back is made up of complex muscles, ligaments, discs, and bones. When there is a problem in any of these, they are then annoying back pain getting starts. People who suffer from back pain but backpacks are an integral part of their lives; they should be more careful in choosing their backpacks.

The best backpacks for back pain will offer you all the features mandatory for your daily needs and well-fitting and comfort facilities. So when you make a purchase decision go for a backpack that won’t hurt your spinal cord or back muscles.

Backpack Hacks

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, approximately 75-85% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives.


Our Top Pick
Our Top Pick JanSport Odyssey Backpack
  • Dimensions (inches): 19 x 16 x 1
  • Weight (pounds): 2
  • Volume: 39L
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Reasonably Priced
Reasonably Priced High Sierra Loop Backpack
  • Dimensions (inches): 8.5 x 18 x 12.8
  • Weight (pounds): 2.85
  • Volume: 21L
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Backpack with ultimate features
Backpack with ultimate features Harshel Little America
  • Dimensions (inches): 7 x 11.25 x 19.5
  • Weight (pounds): 2.31
  • Volume: 25L
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Travel friendly backpack
Travel friendly backpack Witzman Travel Backpack
  • Dimensions (inches): 21 x 13 x 7.5
  • Weight (pounds): 3.09
  • Volume: 40L
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most gadget friendly backpack
most gadget friendly Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack
  • Dimensions (Inches): 20.00 x 5.50 x 11.80
  • Weight (pounds): 1.6
  • Volume: 17L
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fashionable and stylish one
Fashionable backpack Uoobag Tigernu Series
  • Dimensions (inches): 20 x 15.5 x 2.75
  • Weight (pounds): 2.1
  • Volume: 20L
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large organized travel friendly design
Large and organized backpack Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack
  • Dimensions (inches): 12 x 15 x 24
  • Weight (pounds): 3
  • Volume: 49L
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scratch proof backpack
Scratch proof backpack Kopack Lightweight Backpack
  • Dimensions (inches): 12.52 x 10.16 x 3.78
  • Weight (pounds): 1.56
  • Volume: 25L
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water resistance backpack
water resistance backpack Bolang Water Resistant College Backpack
  • Dimensions (inches): 12 x 6 x 18.50
  • Weight (pounds): 21.54
  • Volume: 25L
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TSA Friendly
TSA friendly Sosson Anti-theft Backpack
  • Dimensions (inches): 14.1 x 9.6 x 2.2
  • Wiight (pounds): 2.1
  • Volume: 20L
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1. JanSport Odyssey Backpack

JanSport Odyssey Backpack

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JanSport Odyssey backpack offers all the unique features and it’s a highly recommended backpack for back pain. People who suffer from back pain need to carry a lightweight and comfortable bag. Good built quality with many comforts makes this backpack a perfect one for people who want to carry a lot of stuff.

Save Your Back by JanSport’s Unique Design

A well-made backpack will make your outlook classy and be a lifesaver for your back. JanSport Odessey backpacks are designed so that it can bear all the load among your back evenly.

People who love hiking and always carry a decent number of books are the perfect choice for them. The even weight distribution design of the backpack will relax your spinal cord and back muscles.

Comfortable & Versatile

Isn’t comfortability is the priority for choosing a backpack? At least for me, comfortability is the biggest issue when it comes to buying backpacks. The backpack is super comfortable; even your pack is loaded with full gear.

This backpack is an ideal choice for people of any profession. Easy 15 inches laptop carrying facilities with textbook and snacks make it’s a good deal for students and office personnel. If you’re a bearer a lot of junk daily, then this one is for you.

Lighter Than Your Imagination

Do you love hiking, or packing for a weekend away is the regular job for you? People who need to carry a lot of stuff without sacrificing back pain issues need a much lighter backpack. JanSport Odyssey allows you to carry all your gear comfortably and conveniently.

For people who’re experiencing lower back pain but need to carry a couple of things, this backpack will be a lifesaver. Multiple backpack sections allow keeping small items and water bottles on the outer side and heavy items in the deepest part of the pack.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, all the features made this one the best backpacks for back pain.


  • Equal weight distribution designs
  • Comfortable to use for any purpose
  • Roomy enough for carrying a lot of stuff
  • 15 inches laptop carrying facility
  • Lightweight to carry all your belongings


  • It’s not waterproof
  • Zippers are a little bit weak

2. High Sierra Loop Backpack

High Sierra Loop Backpack

Check Price on Amazon

The High Sierra Loop backpack is for people from all walks of life (we also recommended it for medical school students). The sizeable multi-compartment design, dedicated TECH SPOT tablet sleeve, padded back panel and ease of carrying facilities make this pack a perfect one to college students, office-seeker or those who love to hike.

People who love to carry a backpack for everyday work can choose this one as its lightweight and S-shaped mesh padded shoulder straps won’t let you suffer from back pain.

Multi-Compartment Design & Organize

The High Sierra Loop Backpack comes into the market with a multi-compartment design. There is a dedicated TECH SPOT tablet sleeve to carry your tablet more security.

In this backpack, you’ll love multiple small pockets and key fob features. The inner bigger compartment is to take all bulky stuff without hurting your back.

Padded System & Shoulder Straps

The comfort of a backpack depends on the quality of installing the right type of padded system. This backpack offers an excellent quality padded back panel.

Yoke style S-shaped mesh shoulder straps allow you to fit your pack more accurately.

Comfortable Carrying

The comfortability of carrying a backpack largely depends on padded shoulder straps and a suspension system.

Fortunately, this backpack offers S-shaped mesh shoulder straps for comfort and ease of carrying. This comfortable backpack is for those who’ve to carry heavy things daily for various needs despite having back pain.


  • Plenty of colors and design options
  • Dedicated TECH SPOT tablet sleeve
  • Comfortable back panel and shoulder straps
  • Multiple pockets with key fob features
  • S-shaped mesh padded shoulder straps


  • Sewing quality little bit weak
  • Zippers are not so heavy

3. Herschel Little America Backpack

Herschel Little America Backpack

Check Price on Amazon

Yeah exactly! You can put everything in this Little America backpack. Herschel Little America probably is the most popular backpack from the Herschel team. This large backpack is one of the clean-looking packs we have ever reviewed.

You can carry a lot of stuff into this broad back for your weekend or business trips. It looks excellent for its classy modern outlook, and it’s a great one for people searching for a lot of cool functions.

Iconic Design & Style

Herschel is indeed famous in this backpack industry because of its icon clean look design. People who’re very new in terms of backpack handling can easily do it by Herschel’s backpack. Herschel says that it’s a classic mountaineering style.

The signature striped liner from Herschel makes this backpack different from others. Magnet fastener straps with metal pin buckles in the lower flap make this backpack comfortable to reach easily and quickly when you’ll be in a hurry.

An internal media pocket is an excellent innovation from Herschel. It’s a hot summer day you’re going to jump in the lake and for this, you need to store your smartphone? Moreover, you need to charge your smartphone via a power bank? Then the media pocket is for you!

Backpack with Extra Comfortability

Herschel knows it’s hard to carry Little America! That’s why they make it easy by brings extra padded shoulder straps.

Breathable air mesh back padding will comfort you by reducing sweating while you’ll go to work or school.  It also makes your back muscle rest while you’ll carry extra bulky items in your back.

This backpack will make life easier and due to this comfort padding. It’s a befitting decision to purchase this Little America for people who are dealing with back pain.

Perfect Size with Easy Organize

Need a backpack for a short trip or a heavy school textbook? Herschel’s backpack is made for carrying a passport to the heavy book.

This 16 inches height with 19.75 inches wide pack is the perfect sized one to carry your object without affecting its original shape.

Keep your essentials in organizing by multiple compartments of Herschel’s backpack. The front pocket with a key clip is a useful feature for people who carry keys often with them.

Moreover, you’ll find a hidden zipper that offers anti-theft protection to protect your precious items.  And all these features bound me to keep this one as a premium one for the best backpack for back pain.


  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Can carry up to 15 inches laptop
  • Herschel’s iconic design with durable materials
  • Multipurpose and unisex backpack
  • Internal medial pocket to keep smartphones and power bank


  • The leather straps are of poor quality compared to the price.
  • Little bit pricey

4. Witzman Travel Backpack

Witzman Travel Backpack

Check Price on Amazon

Do you want to go on a hiking or long tour? But wearing your existing backpack reminds you of your terrible back pain! Feel free to take Witzman Travel Backpack to enjoy your weekend journey pleasantly and relentlessly without the fair of backache.

This convertible and multi-purpose usable backpack is an awesome deal for anyone searching for gear from the office to hiking.

Numerous Compartments

This backpack is divided into multiple compartments at different levels considering the occupations and work of other people. You’ll find two front zipper pockets, and it’s a good place to store the pen, notebooks, or quick journey guide.

On the side, there is a mesh pocket, and it’s a great place to keep your umbrella or pretty water bottle. There is a separate laptop compartment, and you can keep your 12-15.6 inches laptop here easily.

Convertible Multi-purpose Facilities

Yes, this one makes this backpack an exceptional one for our reviews. You may have to carry your load despite having back pain due to office busyness or a sudden trip.

This backpack can be used as a shoulder style bag or backpack style bag. Shoulder straps are detachable.

So you can remove them when you do not use them. You can also use it as a tote bag to create more space for yourself on public buses or busy commuter trains.

Durability and Warranty

This spacious backpack is made of premium quality cotton canvas. PU leather gives this one elite look comparing to other backpacks in the same price range.

We found that it’s one of the well-sewn craftsmanship travel backpacks. The zipper used in this backpack is zinc alloys. When you carry it with your hand leather ribbon, the handle makes you feel comfy.

Witzman provides 12 months of fan favourite maintenance for the backpack with 24/7 friendly customer support. Moreover, you’ll find lifetime maintenance support for removable shoulder straps.


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Good craftsmanship with faultless stitching
  • Spacious and comfortable for back pain
  • Convertible and can use for multi-purposes
  • 12 months warranty with 24/7 customer support


  • When the bag is fully loaded front pocket zipper cause occasionally pain to open

5. Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

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This Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack will be a tremendous pick for you if you’re both a gadget lover and a light traveller.

The built-in USB port and dedicated inner tablet pocket make this a complete bundle for the gadget enthusiast. Those who casually go for light business trips or carry office documents this backpack are sensible.

The convenience shoulder straps and padded back panel into the bag will reduce strain on your lower back. So it’s one of the standard packs for people who’re exploring the best backpacks for back pain.

Gadget Friendly

For people who love to travel with lots of gadgets, this backpack is the exact one for them. You can charge your tablet, smartphone, or headphone quickly and conveniently by-charger port provided by backpack.

In the main laptop compartment, you can keep up to 15.6 inches laptop. There is also an inner tablet pocket to store your iPad securely.

Multi-panel Airflow System

It’s a crucial feature in terms of carrying heavy loads. Cushiony padded back panel and shoulder straps make it effortless to carry for an extended duration.

The separate multi-compartment divided the weight equally, and it’s not built excessive pressure into your back. The distribution of weight in the backpack is so impressive that you barely feel the pack.

Anti-theft Features

We always prefer a theft-proof backpack rather than a traditional backpack. Tzowla did a fantastic task by adding an anti-pickpocket in the pack.

It makes it challenging for pickpocketers to steal valuable anything like passport or money when travelling or lining up.

The anti-theft compartments are the hidden portion of the backpack, and it’s placed on the back sits up against the wearer’s body.


  • Luggage and suitcase strap for easy transport
  • Hidden theft proof pocket
  • Dedicated USB port to charge your gadgets
  • Padded multi-panel backside
  • Separate laptop & tablet compartment


  • Laptop pocket doesn’t have independent hock or stopper

6. Uoobag Tigernu Series

Uoobag Tigernu Series

Check Price on Amazon

Another incredible backpack for travel with electronics. Uoobag Tigernu Laptop Backpack is reasonably roomy with a smaller outlook.

The smaller pack will force you to be conscious of what you’re putting in the bag. So it’ll help you focus on what you’re bearing and allow you to deduct the weight and strain in your back.

Bigger Than They Look

In practical life, there are many things which may you think smaller, but it’s not! The thinner look of Uoobag Tigernu makes this spacious one with a small outlook.

The functional organizational pockets will help you to store your textbook, tiny clothes and other daily necessary items correctly.

There is also a large compartment for the laptop and iPad storehouse. Moreover, to keep various things organized, pockets are both in the front, inner and middle parts.

More Comfortable with Extra Durability

Thanks to Uoobag Tigernu Laptop Backpack as it’s structured this bag with Humanized design. The design of this bag is similar to the human body shape. This design aims to ensure that the backpack sticks well to your body and puts less stress on your spine.

Cotton padded back panel with breathability mesh design will comfort you while you’ll carry your pack for a long duration.

Unexpected rain? No need to worry! This backpack is made with high-quality water-resistant material. This backpack provides the anti-puncture four tooth zippers in the main compartment to make your travel safer.

More Fashionable & More Secure

The backpack has been designed stylishly and securely, keeping in mind everyone’s needs from college to travellers.

The smooth texture and almost leathery looks of the material make this one attractive for fashion lovers. You can carry your laptop, books and all other widgets that the new student wishes.

Earphone holes and sunglass buckle is a unique addition to this backpack. The backpack offers a lockable ring on the laptop compartment’s side and ensures additional security for your laptop.


  • Humanized design for extra comfort
  • Smooth texture and almost leathery materials
  • Anti-puncture 4 tooth zipper
  • Earphone holes and sunglass buckle
  • Thin looking backpack


  • Laptops above 15.6 inches will not fit
  • Not waterproof

7. Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

Check Price on Amazon

Redwing has come up with this rucksack for those who are hesitant to pack a backpack for heavy travel due to back pain. Kelty Redwing 50 offers perfect fit suspension for on-body adjustment to personalize your fit in instants.

LightBeam single aluminum steal empowers rest to your backbone by balancing the load.

Top-Notch Travel-Friendly Design

The hybrid loading U-zipper design makes this one best selling backpack no from Redwing. It works both as a top loader and a panel loader. As a result, you can easily access your gear.

There is a dual-use pocket in the hydration sleeve so that when you’re on travel can carry a laptop without trouble. On the barrier, there are enormous side compression straps and ice axe/trekking pole loops.

Organized Pockets

The enormous organizable pockets that come with the bag is the main selling point. You can carry almost everything in it for a long trip to hike.

Two external side pockets, top and rear pockets, two bottom side pockets and hidden pockets make it easy to carry all your necessary gear.

Comfortable and Stable

The comfortability of the backpack is dependent on the quality of the material used in the bag. In our testing unit, we found the pack used one of the top quality fabrics.

We found the material used in the bag named LightBeam single aluminum stay. Dynamic AirFlow used in the back panel provides extra comfort with stability.

This excellent quality gear used in this backpack made this the best backpacks for back pain.


  • Large side compression straps
  • Front pocket with a huge organizational option
  • Front stash pocket closure clip
  • Dynamic AirFlow back panel for more comfort
  • A backpack for short and long trips


  • A little bit narrow compared to other backpacks for back pain

8. Kopack Lightweight Backpack

Kopack Lightweight Backpack

Check Price on Amazon

As you can see from the name, this backpack is lightweight. This amazingly designed backpack is extremely lightweight and perfect for those who’re suffering from back pain.

Detachable USB and patented anti-theft design made this backpack the best on this budget.

Comfortable & Cool

This backpack provides the utmost importance to ensure comfort, keeping people suffering from back and neck pain. The ergonomic S-shaped design in this bag will easily fit any person.

You’ll get 1.5MM thicken EPE inside and padding back panel. High-quality elastic and breathable sponge fabric make this good one for those seeking anti back pain bag.

Anti-scratch & Anti-theft

This backpack is not only theft-proof but also scratch-proof. The scratch-proof bag is more durable and keeps shiny for more extended periods considering other packs.

Anti-puncture fabrics and lockable dual layer zipper made this one an outstanding Anti-theft backpack.

Super Organizable Backpack

It’s annoying when you’ve to take a ticket or a smartphone out of your bag on a busy commuter. To solve this annoying issue, it comes in the market with 10+ slots.

So you can arrange every gadget according to your choice and instantly access them.


  • Made with quality materials.
  • Ergonomic S-shaped padded shoulder straps
  • Scratch-proof fabrics with theft-proof design
  • Anti-puncher 4 tooth zipper for heavy loads
  • Easily detachable USB cable


  • There is no extra padding on the bottom of the compartment
  • Limited carrying capacity

9. Bolang Water Resistant College Backpack

Bolang Water Resistant College Backpack

Check Price on Amazon

This backpack is made in an incredible combination of quality and comfort. As a bonus, you’ll also get multi-functional large size compartments, water-resistant and comfortable carrying facilities.

People with shoulder and back pain can purchase this backpack without any doubt.

Breathable Back Panel

The heavily padded back with AirFlow venting technology makes this backpack an incredible deal. When you’ll be on campus and need to carry your bag for extended periods, the AirFlow technology will be a lifesaver for you.

Useful Zipper Design

The zipper used in this bag is durable and butter smooth. Opening the zipper is quick and efficient because there is a rope knot on every zipper.

Different Compartments

The backpack offers a large multi-compartment with a dedicated laptop sleeve. There are four main compartments and six smaller pockets. The mesh side pockets are a great place to keep your water pot and umbrellas.


  • Water-resistant high-grade materials
  • Large multi-compartment architecture
  • Can be used as a tote bag
  • Ergonomic design with padded back panel
  • The zipper comes with rope knots


  • Zipper stitches are not as strong as JanSport

10. Sosson Anti-theft Backpack

Sosson Anti-theft Backpack

Check Price on Amazon

In our last backpack review, we’ll show you a perfect bag for all people suffering from back and neck pain. TSA friendly with luggage carrying facilities is the most impressive part of this backpack.

You can use it as a teacher’s backpack. Unique, trendy design with huge multi-compartment designs makes this backpack a perfect bag for teachers.

TSA Friendly Design Transportation Security

Administration (TSA) friendly design allows you to unfold your pack freely in airport checkpoint and keep items neat and tidy.

Big Different Compartments

The backpack provides large separate multi-compartments with a dedicated laptop sleeve. You can keep your laptop up to 17 inches. The main compartment is roomy enough to hold your clothes and other items. The front compartments come with an additional pocket, pen pocket and a key fob hook.

Theft-Proof Design

On the inner side of this backpack, there is a hidden anti-theft pocket. It is a great place to protect your valuable items like money, passport and phone.


  • TSA friendly design
  • Multiple storage compartment designs
  • Hidden Anti-theft pocket
  • Luggage strap
  • Built-in earphone and USB port


  • The side mesh pocket made with weak fabrics

Reasons Behinds Back Pain for Backpack

If we compare the backpack with a shoulder bag, tote bag, or purse, then we can easily say that carrying a backpack is the wisest decision. The stiff muscles in your back and abdomen help to carry all the weight of the backpack easily.

Carrying the right backpack distributes the bag’s weight evenly, reducing the strain on the neck and shoulders. In this review, we will highlight some of the reasons why backpacks can cause back pain, along with some tips.

Facts for Back Pain

When you wear a weighty backpack incorrectly on the shoulder, its force pulls you backward – creating unnatural and uncomfortable force on your spinal position.

People usually bend the waist slightly or lean the hip forward for comfortable standing or walking, which can cause the spine to contract. These abnormal contractions cause your spinal ligaments and muscles to overwork when damage occurs. It puts extra strain on your neck, shoulders and waist and starts to hurt.

Nowadays, many kids and adults wear a backpack over a shoulder because it looks trendy and easy. I would say the utmost caution should be exercised with this as it will not only cause back pain but also create your balance anxiety, which can be reduced.

Things to Consider for Best Backpacks for Back Pain

Since nearly 100 million Americans suffer from back pain, unfortunately, back pain is a companion for everyone at some point in their lives.

Fortunately, some companies make great backpacks that won’t make you suffer or producing new back pain.

We will highlight these things that you must look at when buying backpacks so that the bags do not cause your back pain.

Comfort is the 1st Priority

Back pain is enough to ruin many of your planned trips or regular office life. So before buying a backpack, it is important to check whether it is designed with everyone’s comfort (No matter you suffer back pain or not).

You may be wondering how manufacturers work with these issues in mind! S-shaped shoulder straps with ergonomic design and rear padded airflow system make a backpack comfortable for you.

Since our lives are backpacked, you are relatively familiar with these words and need to understand them.

Never Give up With Quality

Since backpacks are another name for adventure, it is wise to consider all aspects equally when buying a bag. I know it’s not the same scene all the time, but some prefer versatile backpacks.

However, no matter which way you use your backpack, you need a high-end pack at the end of the day.

Some manufacturers offer sponge type elastic backpacks with high-quality fabrics. Breathable fabrics and durable texture features make some backpacks water and scratch-resistant.

Despite the controversy, some backpacks use nylon fibre. The water resistance capability of nylon fibre makes it stand out from all others.

Nowadays, some backpacks come in the market with shock protected features. You carry more valuable fragile things than regular and are careless like me; then this featured bag is for you.

Safety is an Important One

If you carry more valuable fragile things than regular and careless like me, this featured bag is for you. It is crucial to ensure that the backpack has enough features to ensure the safety of the items you need.

It is not always possible for people to beware of thieves and pickpockets. You will find some bags in the market that come with anti-theft pockets. The Hidden Pocket System will keep your valuables hidden as well as reassure you.

Final Verdict

The last thing I want to say is that there is no such thing as the best backpacks for back pain. Each of your backpacks has anti-back pain if it matches all the above features.

With long-term use of backpacks to prevent back pain, you’ll notice unimaginable changes that may not be seen in a short time. You can easily choose anyone from our list above.

I will say that the spine and hip are your precious organs, so don’t think twice about taking care of them.

Happy Painless B-a-c-k-p-a-c-k-i-n-g!



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