Best Backpacks for Middle Schoolers

7 Best Backpacks for Middle Schoolers in 2022

If you are a parent of a middle schooler, then the time has come to find them their first (or next) backpack. Backpacks are an important part of the uniform for most schools and they have been in use since World War II when soldiers needed to carry more gear with them into battle.

Today, backpacks have become ubiquitous as children need to bring everything from books to laptops and water bottles every day. So what should you look for in your child’s new or replacement backpack?

Here I’ll answer all the important questions you have about backpacks, from what size to get and types of material to how much should it cost? And most importantly, which brands are the best for your child.

List of Best Backpacks for Middle Schoolers

VBG VBIGER Middle School BackpackCheck Price
RayOm School BackpackCheck Price
J World New YorkCheck Price
JanSport Superbreak BackpackCheck Price
High Sierra Loop BackpackCheck Price
Himawari School Backpack Check Price
HotStyle Trendymax Galaxy Backpack Check Price

VBG VBIGER Middle School Backpack – Best Overall

VBG VBIGER Middle School Backpack

The VBG backpack is perfect for kids to wear on their journey through middle school. The backpack is durable and comes in lovely shades of blue! It’s perfect for getting through the year with style.

The 2 mesh padded shoulder straps are also waterproof, tear-resistant, scratch-resistant and they comfortably fit your back.

You’ll never feel pressure from these shoulder straps because they’re designed to keep a proper gap between you and your bag.

The backpack includes all of the things that middle schoolers need! There are functional pockets to hold pens, pencils, or electronics.

With its lots of storage space inside, this backpack has what kids need in each lesson, so there’s no need to carry a large bag around with them everywhere they go.

Kids won’t be embarrassed carrying this on their backs either as it features colors that stand out or suit the school uniform.


  • It offers excellent protection for your laptop and school supplies
  • The material quality is outstanding
  • Comfortable and practical backpack
  • Made of durable material
  • The backpack is large enough to fit everything that kids need for school


  • The bag can’t stand on its own because the bottom isn’t flat. Kids will have to find a surface to put their bag on if they want it to sit up without falling over.

Bottom Line: The VBG Middle School Backpack is great for kids no matter where they’re going and it comes with everything that middle schoolers will need, from a built-in laptop sleeve to an organizer. With its affordable price tag, parents won’t hesitate to get this functional bag for their children!

RayOm School Backpack -Best for Middle School Girls

RayOm Middle School Girl Backpack

Elementary school kids are tough enough to carry a backpack and heavy books, which might not be the most perfect combination. Luckily for you, we found this awesome back-to-school pack just exclusively for girls!

The exterior of this girly backpack has a 16″ shoulder drop that is water resistant and lookin’ good against all sorts of tough. And it has plenty of pockets inside so that you can always find what you need with ease!

A super cute lunch kit comes included in the set along with an eco pencil case! What kind of high-end backpack would it be without these details? You can also hang your phone or sunglass on the strap if they don’t fit inside!

The padded straps are adjustable to keep your shoulders feeling good for you all the time as well! And don’t worry because a million zippers and pockets are included too!


  • The backpack is large enough to fit everything that kids need for school
  • Made of durable material
  • Convenient backpack with adequate storage space inside
  • Comfortable and practical backpack


  • The largest compartment can only fit a few paperbacks, but not large objects.

Bottom Line: Overall, The RayOm is the best backpack for middle school girls who want something fashionable that they will be proud to wear. I4t has a lot of useful pockets and it’s lightweight. The colors are beautiful and match all school uniforms.

J World New York – Best Wheeled Middle School Backpack

J World New York Middle School Backpack

Who says what’s a rolling suitcase is just for grown-ups? This 20” backpack can pack all your necessities and then some. It features wheels for easy transport, so carrying heavy textbooks and laptops will never again feel like a full-body workout.

The J World New York wheeled backpack is also water resistant–perfect for the rainy season! The bottom of it has a non-slip surface so that the bag stays stable on different surfaces and won’t slip off a chair or table.

The smaller pocket on the front is great for holding a water bottle and other smaller items that kids want to keep close at hand. The extra-wide top opening makes everything easy to access, too. And don’t worry because all zippers are lockable to prevent pickpockets!

A fully-padded interior laptop carrying case keeps your computer safe while you chat (online or by phone) from classes, study sessions, labs, and libraries. Slides easily over curbs for those annoying library trips when you just want to get home but can’t find your ride!

Lastly, whether you’re in high school or middle school looking for a bag to help you travel light from class to class, this convenient backpack is a great option. It would make a great gift to any student, especially for back-to-school.


  • A very stylish backpack that kids will love to wear
  • A wheeled backpack makes transport easier and hassle-free
  • The backpack has a padded compartment for laptops which protects the device from bumps and falls
  • This backpack is made of water resistant material, so it’s great for climates that are often rainy


  • The backpack is not too large. Many students will find that they have to carry multiple bags if they want to bring everything.

Bottom Line: The J World New York Backpack is the best rolling backpack for middle school because it has wheels attached so that you can roll them around. This makes it very easy for school kids to move around during breaks. It has a large compartment and is made of high quality fabric that will last for years to come.

JanSport Superbreak Backpack – Best For Middle School Boys

JanSport Superbreak Middle School Backpack

Back to school needn’t be boring with this colorful backpack from JanSport. Fun prints in classic colors like black, navy, and brown will help you stand out without being too obnoxious about it.

The nylon fabric is durable yet lightweight, making it perfect for everyday use or overnight adventures.

If you have a tablet or notebook, it can go in the front pocket and there is plenty of space for other things like pens and pencils. But don’t put too much in your pocket because things will fall out.

You’ll never have to fret over spilled puddles again, thanks to the water-repellent fabrics with coated interior and zippers, so all your precious items stay dry.

Besides, the padded shoulder straps are also breathable, so they won’t feel uncomfortable even when hot and humid. And it’s also one of the comfortable back support backpacks for school students.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean and maintain, with water repellent fabric that dries quickly when rained on
  • The backpack is spacious enough for books, notebooks, tablets, and other school stuff.
  • It is ergonomically designed with padded shoulder straps that make it more comfortable to carry around even if there is a lot of books inside.


  • The backpack may not be large enough for students with a lot of books to bring to school.

Bottom Line: This is the best backpack for middle school boys because it’s cozy to wear, awesome formal design, and is spacious. Besides, It has a separate front pocket where you can put your tablet or notes and keep everything together. The print is fun and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

High Sierra Loop Backpack – Backpack for Teenager

High Sierra Loop Backpack for Middle School

The High Sierra Loop Backpack for middle schoolers is perfect for your 11-year-old’s first year of going to high school. As if their backpack just wasn’t difficult enough, now they need a new one that can fit their tablet!

This great bag has a dedicated space for their tech helper as well as other gadgets like pencils, calculators, and more.

Not only does it have some large compartments, but the back features a spacious primary padded panel with adjustable straps to make sure they’re comfortable while carrying books home every day long.

Beyond this, its sleek design and comfortable feel make it functional for those on the go. It has pockets that are breathable and mesh for sports drinks.

It also features a magnetic clip to hold all of your children’s dorm supplies securely. There is an attachment clip on the front where your child can hold their skateboard while riding into the sunset.


  • Plenty of storage and a dedicated laptop sleeve for protection
  • The main compartment is spacious enough to hold all the books needed for school
  • A mesh pocket for sports drinks is great for all those sporty middle schoolers who want to stay hydrated
  • The bag is water resistant, so even if they are caught in the rain there will be no damage done to their belongings inside the backpack


  • The backpack isn’t padded.

Bottom Line: A great laptop sleeve is a plus for all the techies who want to take their laptops with them during class. Plus, the water resistant fabric means they can carry it into any classroom without worry! It’s spacious enough for books and has pockets inside that will help those middle schoolers stay organized.

Himawari School Backpack – Cute 7th Grade Backpack

Himawari Middle Schoolers Backpack

The Himawari Middle Schoolers backpack is a cute 7th-grade backpack for all school gear and daily essentials.

Made of high quality waterproof nylon with leather decoration, this durable backpack also includes double-stitched straps, heavy duty metal buckles, and strong metal zippers that will keep everything safe inside.

With a modern style that won’t go out of date, the middle school backpacks are available in five bright designs: Black and gray striped – Camouflage olive green – White and pink dots pattern (2 colors)- Gray stripe woven- Red & navy blue checkered.

The lightweight canvas backpack comes with two outer side water bottle pockets to store super handy extras too like cute stationery sets or even lunch boxes!

The roomy interior has one laptop compartment, two mesh zippered pockets, one zipper pocket, and a separate inner bag.


  • Durably constructed with double stitched on all seams
  • Larger than most school backpacks – Fits 15-inch laptops, lunch boxes, umbrella holders, and more
  • Metal buckles, zippers, and clips are securely attached while the straps are reinforced to withstand heavyweight
  • Water-resistant material


  • Nylon material may get dirty easily if not taken care of properly.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for the cutest middle school girls backpack that won’t let you down, this Himawari backpack is the one to shop for. It has spacious compartments, reinforced straps, water-resistant material and it’s very stylish!

HotStyle Trendymax Galaxy Backpack – Most Stylish

HotStyle Trendymax Galaxy Backpack

Add some funk to your classroom with this hot and trendymax backpack. From the vibrant colors to the functionality, you can’t go wrong!

It’s a dream come true for those middle schoolers who are way too cool for school (or at least an average one). Carry all your neat-o stuff in this space of backpacks from Trendymax Galaxy Middle School.

This is definitely not a bag that just anyone has, so get yours now before they’re gone! Rock out on the playground with your super trendy book pack and show everyone else how it’s done.

It has enough room for everything you need plus few more extras – no worries about forgetting anything because there are plenty of pockets that hold all your little secrets.

This stylish backpack has an air vent system to keep you cool while you’re going through your day! It may look cooler than other backpacks, but it’s just as practical and well-made as the rest of them.


  • Durable material
  • It holds up to a 15.6-inch laptop
  • It has a large main compartment and a separate front pocket for smaller items
  • It has plenty of zippered pockets that are secure and easily accessible


  • The back is not as padded or cushioned as other backpacks with more padding.

Bottom Line: The Trendymax Galaxy Middle Schoolers backpack is a great buy! It’s trendy with just the right amount of funk and you can never go wrong with this space of backpack.

Things to Consider While Purchase A Backpack for Mid Schooler

Things to Consider While Purchase A Backpack for Mid Schooler

Taking a few simple steps will ensure that both you and your child end up with the right backpack. When it comes to choosing a backpack, there are many different styles available.

But if you know what features you need (and want) as well as the size of pack you should purchase in terms of length and capacity–and your budget–the process will be much easier.

Here are some things you need to think about before purchasing anything:

What kind of pack does your child need? 

Some people prefer packs that can be worn like a messenger bag, while others want backpacks that sit on their backs. 

While you are shopping, make sure to check the size of each backpack and make sure that it’s not so big that it makes your child look like they are wearing an adult-sized pack. 

Backpacks should fit comfortably on a child’s body and should have plenty of padding for comfort and protection.

How big should your child’s backpack be?

As a parent whose son is entering middle school this fall (and physically has grown so much in the past year alone), I have to say: don’t get caught up with this too much. He already has a backpack that’s pretty big, but he uses it because it was given to him by one of his old friends from elementary school.

The truth? Middle schoolers are not doing calculus or physics every day (Admit it, you were…), so the amount of books they carry around with them doesn’t have to be that large. 

Unless it’s a required part of their curriculum, I would suggest getting a backpack for your child that is around 30-40L in capacity (liters).

Closer to 40L if the school requires children to bring more books to class, but closer to a 30L if they don’t. If you can’t find one appropriate for your child, just get the largest backpack you can find.

As you’ll see below, there are many smaller-sized backpacks on the market as well. This is perfect for kids who have grown out of their bigger pack but can’t fit into the small ones yet.

What type of material is best for mid school backpacks?

When it comes to backpacks, there are generally two types of materials: canvas and nylon. 

Canvas generally lasts longer than nylon (only because it doesn’t require as much maintenance) but may not be able to hold up against a harsh environment (i.e., extreme heat, moisture). 

Nylon tends to be lighter in weight and offers more flexibility when it comes to packing items inside of the backpack itself.

Personally, I would recommend looking for a durable backpack made from nylon since your child will be using it every day. 

You can always buy an extra cover or two (i.e., rainproof) if you’re worried about the weather in your area, but this should be strictly considered if some aspects of nature might affect the backpack.

This is true for large backpacks, so if you get one made from canvas, then just consider getting a rain cover for it (they’re usually super cheap).

Is the backpack has padded shoulder straps?

Make sure that you also check to see if the backpack has padded shoulder straps. 

These are especially important on larger backpacks and can help prevent your child from getting injured while wearing their pack. Look for packs with adjustable straps as well, so they can be adjusted based on the size of your child’s body.

What should your child be carrying in their backpack? 

The number one priority is to make sure that you choose a large enough pack for your child’s books and notebooks. 

Most students have between three and five classes, so it’s important to look for packs that are at least 10 inches high by 14 inches wide (notebooks are usually smaller than most textbooks). 

You should also make sure that the pack has enough pockets for pencils, books, and notebooks. Make sure to choose a pack with high-quality zippers; these can break or jam easily when they are not strong enough.

How much does your child need to carry in their backpack?

It’s important to remember that your child will be carrying everything from water bottles to lunch boxes in their backpack, as well as anything else they might need during the day. 

This means you should look for a pack that has plenty of space and enough compartments for all of your child’s things.

What colors or patterns does your child prefer?

There are tons of different colors and patterns for backpacks on the market. ]

It’s important to find one that will match your child’s school uniform, but you should also have a backup in case their pack gets dirty or damaged. 

Don’t forget about the zippers either; they can get caught easily on other items in your child’s backpack or on the classroom chairs.

What about water resistance?

You also need to look for a water-resistant pack, especially if you live in an area where it rains a lot or during the school year. 

This will protect your child’s belongings from damage due to water. You can also look for packs with multiple compartments for pens, pencils, calculators and books if you need to keep them protected from moisture.

Can you use a laptop with this backpack?

You should always check the weight limit on backpacks as well to make sure that the pack can handle a laptop computer or any other heavy items that your child may need to carry. 

It’s important to make sure they have a high-quality backpack so it lasts for the duration of their school career and beyond!

How much money do you need to spend on a backpack?

There are plenty of different backpacks to choose from at any price range or budget. 

But you should try to choose one that is high quality and can withstand the wear and tear of your child.

How long will this backpack last?

If you decide to invest in a backpack that has a lifetime warranty, then you may be covered if something ever happens to it or when your child outgrows the backpack. 

Make sure you keep the receipt and any other information that came with the backpack, so you can take it to a local store if anything should happen.

What happens if your child outgrows this backpack?

Make sure you keep track of your child’s growth. If they are in the middle of a growth spurt, then you may want to take their height and weight measurements before choosing a backpack so that it can last them for as long as possible. 

It’s not fun to have to replace a backpack every few months because your child grows out of it, so try to find one that has the custom features they need for their middle school years!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good sized backpack for middle school?

The best backpack size for middle schoolers is typically between 10 and 15 inches. This helps them still feel like they have enough space in their bag, without carrying too much junk around with them all day!

How much does a middle school backpack cost?

Prices can vary greatly from one backpack to another, so you can easily find one to fit your budget. Just make sure that you look for high-quality material so it lasts longer and doesn’t have any leaky seams or threads that could be dangerous for your child’s belongings!

What to put in a middle school backpack?

The best thing to put in a middle school backpack is anything your child will need throughout the day, like their lunch, snacks, and homework assignments. You should also remember to include a pencil or pen as well so they can stay on top of any tests and quizzes that are due during the school year!

How big should a middle school backpack be?

The size of a middle school backpack should be large enough to fit all of their books and other supplies. Just make sure not to get one that is too big, or it will get too heavy for them to carry comfortably!

Our Final Recommendation

So what are the best backpacks for middle schoolers? It’s not an easy question to answer, but we know that whatever you do choose will be a good decision.

We recommend VBG VBIGER Backpack because it is stylish and functional while also being affordable enough to buy now without breaking your budget!

And with so many great features like reinforced stitching, padded straps, and a variety of pockets, this backpack has everything that any child needs in order to feel confident as they head off into their new year at middle school.

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