Best Backpacks for Music Producers

The Best Backpacks for Music Producers in 2022

It’s time to pack up your gear and hit the road. You’re a music producer on tour, making stops at venues in cities across the country. You need a backpack that is stylish and rugged enough to withstand the rigors of travel, but also one that has ample space for all your equipment.

This article will guide you through choosing the best backpacks for music producers by taking into account different factors such as weight distribution, size, durability, organization features, and more!

List of The Best Backpacks for Music Producers

Gator Cases Club Series BackpackCheck Price
Peak Design Everyday BackpackCheck Price
MONO EFX Flyby BackpackCheck Price
MAGMA DJ Bag Riot BackpackCheck Price
JetPack Snap BackpackCheck Price

Gator Cases Club Series Backpack

Gator Cases Club Series Backpack for Music Producer

If you’re a music producer and on the road, pack up your equipment in this backpack. It has plenty of room to accommodate any audio mixers or Serato style interface.

The Gator Cases Club Series Backpack is the perfect way to keep your music recording gear or DJ equipment clean and secure no matter where it goes. With enough room for external hard drives, laptops, and video/audio mixers, this sleek pack can store everything you need without taking up too much space.

Inside there are padded pockets for all of your essential devices, including a custom fit lens pocket with zip closure to protect from dust and scratches. An adjustable webbing waist belt with a sternum strap is included on this bag as well so that maximum weight distribution is always ensured (and the straps won’t knock things over!). If you’re looking for high-quality protection against dirt accumulation or accidental spills, look no further than the all-new Gator G-Tour Pro Backpack.

What We Liked

  • Gator’s patented design
  • The zipper is easy to open and close with gloves
  • Reflective safety piping and panels for visibility in low light conditions
  • Full length zipper with front storm flap to keep the elements out no matter where you go
  • There’s a little pocket at the top for your keys, wallet, or anything else you want quick access to.

What Could Be Improved

This bag is a great choice for people who work in the music production industry because it’s got an unbeatable design. It’s like the designers had your needs in mind when they created it! It does have some drawbacks, though: The waist belt bounces around if you walk at anything faster than a slow pace, and this backpack isn’t waterproof, so gadgets will get damaged if they’re exposed to water or light rain. Overall, it’s a great product, and we recommend checking this bag out if you want something that is well-designed with your needs in mind.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Backpack upgraded their flagship slim backpack and we think you’ll love it. This series offers the perfect balance of functionality, reliability, durability and affordability for any music producer or DJ on the go.

Three different FlexFold dividers allow you to configure your gear in a variety of ways to suit your needs while not sacrificing space. Large dedicated sleeves secure your laptop as well as a tablet (or anything else up to 15 inches). A padded pocket and two slip-in pockets give easy access to smaller items.

A lifetime guarantee ensures this won’t just last until the end of its warranty but feels like a permanent accessory that will always be there when you need it most.

What We Liked

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Variety of space configurations
  • Two slip-in pockets to securely store smaller items
  • Padded laptop pocket with enough room for a tablet or anything up to 15 inches in size

What Could Be Improved

  • Pricy
  • No dedicated sleeves for cables, controller (or anything that is not a laptop) or phone

The backpack is perfect for high-tech music production industry people. It has a variety of configurations that allow you to store all your gear while still maintaining some degree of organization. The padded laptop pocket will ensure peace of mind and, with its lifetime guarantee, it’s durable enough to last through heavy use. If you have expensive equipment and a high-end laptop, this is the backpack for you.

MONO EFX Flyby Backpack

MONO EFX Flyby Music Producers Backpack

What a happy day it was when we got our hands on this monstrosity of a backpack. It’s designed for music producers and performers, so you’ll be able to carry your gear without any problems with the detachable computer sleeve and waterproof Sharkskin shell.

The backpack is perfect for high-tech music producers on the go. It has a variety of configurations that allow you to store all your gear while still maintaining some degree of organization. The padded laptop pocket will ensure peace of mind and, with its lifetime guarantee, it’s durable enough to last through heavy use. If you have expensive equipment and a high-end laptop, this is the backpack for you.

Specialized front pockets provide protection for small components – plus there’s double thick padding in the bottom that amps up this bag’s durability so no one will mess with your precious cargo!

What We Liked

  • Roomy for all music and vst instrument
  • Front pockets for small items
  • Durable material with a lifetime guarantee – Built in laptop pocket and organizer to keep things tidy
  • Double thick padding in the bottom of the bag makes it durable and provides protection for your equipment

What Could Be Improved

  • Slightly more expensive
  • There is no external battery pocket built into this

With the right features and a lifetime guarantee, this is our favorite backpack for music producers. It’s roomy, durable with a lifetime guarantee and has all the compartments you need to keep your gear organized. The only downside is that it’s an expensive option – but definitely worth it if you’re looking for something long-term or professional grade!

MAGMA DJ Bag Riot Backpack

MAGMA DJ Bag Riot Backpack

The MAGMA DJ Bag Riot Backpack from Samsonite provides an elegant and versatile carrying solution for your music producing devices. It’s equipped with an expanded carrying capacity necessary for the specialist producer, additional external storage pockets to carry cables and other personal items during travel.

Heavy duty tarpaulin material protects all your gear from bumps, bruises, and harsh weather while PVC-coated zippers give it water-tightness (and peace of mind) when traveling.

Furthermore, a zip-around expansion system allows for packing capacity to grow as needed after you finish the box with preloaded sets. Tired of lugging around heavy setups? Say no more! You’ll never go back to dragging or trying a rig again once you discover the MAGMA’s amazing level of stability and strength.

What We Liked

  • Extra pockets for cables and personal belongings
  • Tarpaulin material is tough, watertight, and protective of gear
  • Expandable zipper system allows packing capacity to grow as needed
  • Heavy duty zippers are PVC coated to stop leaks in bad weather conditions.

What Could Be Improved

  • It’s not always easy to fit this type of bag under an airplane seat in front or behind you
  • Storage space might be too small, depending on how much gear you carry with you for a gig

The MAGMA’s a great bag, but it might not be the best option for everyone. As NPR said in their article on this topic, “Music gear is heavy and expensive.” If you’re looking to save some money (and weight), we recommend one of these other backpacks instead.

JetPack Snap Backpack

JetPack Snap Backpack

Created with input from world renowned DJs, the JetPack Remix features all the bells and whistles any DJ could need. 

With an assortment of pockets inside and out, a specialized place for electronic tablets inside, spacious interior dimensions to fit every piece of gear needed for your next production gig or sound session — this is the one bag you can’t live without on a music producer’s day-to-day existence.

Extra essentials: We know that through thick and thin, DJs are always changing parts of their set-up (either by buying new equipment or because it broke). So there should be some sort of bag where everything can slide around without getting messed up from all the wear and tear! And if you’re going out for a leisurely walk while listening to mixtapes or beats, you’ll want a bag that is lightweight and easy to wear down.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight, easy to wear downs
  • Lots of space to store electric piano or little drum kit
  • Durable material and strap that won’t break easily
  • Spacious interior dimensions to fit every piece of gear needed for your next production gig or sound session

What Could Be Improved

  • Not very fashionable
  • Limited colors and designs to choose from
  • Pricey but worth it in the long run.

We found this backpack to be the best for music producers who love to air travel with their tools (similar to a tool bag for air travel). If you’re looking for a backpack that can stand up to just about anything and won’t give out on you when lugging around all your gear from gig to gig or session-to-session; this is it! The price is a little bit high, but it’s worth every penny because of its durability and spaciousness!

What makes a backpack best for music producers?

  • Durable material (materials that are resistant to wear and tear)
  • Spacious interior dimensions for all of your gear. This is a must! You don’t want anything getting lost in the mix or scratched up on the inside.
  • The backpack should also come with different compartments so you can separate your gear based on what it is and its function.
  • A laptop compartment that fits most laptops with a screen size up to 17″
  • The backpack should fit snugly around your back, so you’re not able to feel the weight of the bag even when fully loaded. You want something that can stand up well to wear and tear and will not sag or slow your movement.
  • Padded straps for extra comfort
  • Durable exterior material that can withstand rain and mud without becoming damaged.
  • Magnetic clip holder with room for cables, adapters, pens, etc to help you keep things organized.
  • When you start adding accessories like a USB battery charger to your backpack, it should have enough room for all of them without becoming crowded or overflowing.
  • A compartment dedicated solely to cables and adapters so they don’t get lost in the mix or scratched up on the inside.
  • Non-slip material that’s easy to wipe clean.
  • Water resistant material.
  • A padded compartment for laptops that fits the laptop itself and an additional power cord or two.
  • The right size to feel comfortable when fully loaded without feeling too big on your back while empty.
  • Extra straps so you can attach a tripod, water bottle, GoPro, etc along with a small pouch for cables.
  • Compartments to store your pens, business cards, and other small items you keep on-hand that don’t need a dedicated pocket or compartment.

Things to consider: Best Backpacks for Music Producers

Before purchasing a backpack, consider the following:

Weight distribution

You will want to ensure that the weight of your backpack is evenly distributed so that you can avoid shoulder, back and neck pain.


There are many different sizes for music producers who tour with their equipment, from small enough to fit in an overhead compartment on a plane all the way up to large enough to carry multiple laptops, DJ setups or instruments. Some people prefer them smaller because they don’t have as much stuff while others love having lots of room. Decide which size best suits your needs!


The material used on these packs varies greatly and some may be more durable than others depending on what you plan on using it for. If you’re just carrying around laptops then nylon may be the way to go, but if you’re carrying around live equipment then a more durable fabric like polyester may suit your needs.


There are packs that come with special features for music producers such as padded laptop sleeves and amplifier bags or straps so that you can carry multiple guitars on one pack (guitarist’s dream!). You also want something long lasting and not just trendy looking in case it doesn’t ever get dirty!


Depending on what size of backpack you need, how much stuff you plan on packing, and all those other little things that make up a pack, the price will vary greatly. Some backpacks range from $100-$150 while others cost upwards of $600.

Gel Pads

Some backpacks have built-in gel pads to make it more comfortable on your shoulders and waist.


If you’re the type that sweats a lot, then waterproof is definitely something to look for in a backpack as water damage can really hurt what’s inside if left unchecked.

Weight limit

Not all packs are big enough or designed for carrying large loads so keep this in mind before purchasing!


You’ll want to consider how much storage you need in a backpack. Do you like having separate compartments for your laptop, tablet and chargers? Or do you prefer one large compartment with smaller pockets inside it?

How to organize a music producer’s backpack?

The most important thing to do when organizing a backpack for music production is to make sure you have enough space. Put the things that take up space like laptops, speakers, or microphones in front of you and put the lighter things like wires or adapters behind. The best way I found was filling one side with food as it can be tricky to find time during these busy tours!

Most importantly, never forget your headphones!!! They are key to avoiding any unwanted noise from other people, which will help keep you focused all day long without getting annoyed by external distractions. It’s also an easy introvert hack if you’re feeling super sensitive after being out too much this week!

Additional Tips for Picking The Best Backpack:

  • Look at how big it is and make sure you can carry all of your equipment in there. Laptops, speakers, microphones, cables – they need to fit comfortably. If not, get a bigger backpack as tight bags will only lead to back pain or frustration with lack of space after packing too many things.
  • Ensure that everything has its place before starting, so nothing gets lost when trying to find something again later in the day or unpacking somewhere new. Always keep an eye out for pockets where you can store removable items like laptop power cords and adapters if possible (especially important). This tip also helps save time unloading and packing all the time.
  • Choose a pack with comfortable padding, straps and other features that make your load feel lighter and more manageable. This will reduce any pain or stiffness you might get from carrying around too much weight for prolonged periods of time as well.
  • Consider a backpack with an expandable capacity. This is especially helpful if you are carrying around lots of items that would have to be crammed into another pack or purse – like luggage, camping gear, clothes, and shoes for the whole family!
  • Be sure not to go overboard on features that just make your bag seem more expensive but don’t actually improve how it functions as a carryall. For example, extra pockets inside don’t really benefit us much when trying to find something quickly (hello fumbling).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is a backpack important for music producers?

A backpack is necessary for a music producer because it helps to organize all the equipment they need while traveling. It can also help with weight distribution and storage of smaller items that may not fit in their pockets or be easy to carry around. A backpack will allow them to keep everything at hand, so they are more productive on tour by being able to focus on creating music instead of lugging equipment!

What is the most important features of a music producer backpack?

The most important features for a music producer backpack are weight distribution, size, and durability. A good backpack will have both the back panel and waist straps to distribute the load evenly which is crucial when carrying heavy equipment like laptops or speakers. The bag also needs to be large enough to hold all your essential gear but small enough that it doesn’t become too bulky while walking around on tour! Insulated compartments can keep food cold without getting everything else iced over so you don’t need as many bags during your travels!

What music producers carry on their backpacks?

Music production is a demanding job, and it’s not always easy to keep track of everything you need. What music producers carry on their backpacks can depend on what kind of producer they are, but in general the essentials for most people include: laptops, notebooks or tablets, headphones/earbuds, cables or adapters (depending on your set-up), an instrument if you play one (guitar pedal boards are usually pretty big), an external hard drive with all your samples stored safely inside. You may also want to bring clothing like jeans that work well with whatever equipment you’ve got packed up and lots of snacks!

What should I pack in my backpack?

If you’re a producer who prefers to work on the go, you’ll want to pack your laptop of course, but also be mindful that it’s often hard enough just fitting all this equipment into your backpack without adding more weight. That’s why we recommend choosing products with dedicated pockets for gear like laptops and tablets – they allow producers to stay organized while traveling so they can keep their hands free from carrying other things.

Our Final Thoughts

The best backpacks for music producers are the ones that suit their needs. If you need to access your equipment easily, get a backpack with compartments where everything is in one place and at your fingertips when needed.

For more rugged use, go for something heavier duty! Decide on what will be primarily used in the bag: if it’s laptops, then get a backpack that’s designed to handle them. If it’s just equipment for your music productions, go with something more simple and straightforward.

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