Best Carpenter Tool Bags

Best Carpenter Tool Bags in 2022: Which One is Best?

What are the best carpenter tool bags? The answer to this question can be difficult because there are so many different tools and brands out there.

For example, a carpenter who is just starting out might not need some of the features in a more expensive bag that would make it better suited for higher level carpenters. This article will help you find the best tool bag for your carpentry needs!

List of The Best Carpenter Tool Bags

Occidental Leather Carpenter Tool BagsCheck Price
Veto Pro Pac Canvas Carpenter Tool BagsCheck Price
CLC Custom Leathercraft Small Carpenter Tool BagsCheck Price
Husky Carpenter Tool BagsCheck Price
LAUTUS Leather Carpenter Tool BagsCheck Price
CLC 1134 Carpenter’s Tool BackpackCheck Price
DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Roller Tool BagCheck Price

Occidental Leather Carpenter Tool Bags

Occidental Leather Carpenter Tool Bags

Your most favorite Occidental Leather builder’s tool bag, now with OxyLights for even more visibility. This carpenter’s No. 1 choice, the 3 pouch tool bag includes holders for pencils, work knives, and a holster for tacks up to 35′ FatMax tapes on the right side.

The traditional steel framing is large enough for tools of all sizes and has some extra pockets that stay closed in… making this toolbag not only durable but secure too! It comes with two detachable pouches – one big one small- fit everything you need like a glove!

Made from water-resistant nylon/leather and meticulously designed to ensure stability no matter where your journey takes you. The supple handle features Kevlar embedded lines for extra strength, and the padded shoulder strap makes transporting your tools a breeze.

What We Liked

  • Durable and secure.
  • Comes with two detachable pouches – one big one small
  • Padded shoulder strap makes transporting your tools a breeze

What Could Be Improved

  • No zippers
  • Could have more outside pockets, even though it does come with two detachable pouches to contain your tools and accessories

This bag is best for carpenters because of its durability and many features. It comes with two detachable pouches, which will fit all your tools and accessories. The padded shoulder strap makes transporting this tool bag easy! There are some flaws like it could have more outside pockets, but overall, these features outweigh the negative qualities of this bag.

Veto Pro Pac Canvas Carpenter Tool Bags

Veto Pro Pac Carpenter Tool Bag

When you need a durable tool bag that can take on even the most demanding carpenter, look no further than this Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag Model XXL-F.

It’s constructed using 1800 PVC impregnated denier fabric which promises durability from exterior forces like water, oil, and grease. The waterproof base will guarantee that what’s on the inside stays safe. With 47 pockets vertically, 7 zippered pockets, 17 outside slots of various sizes to fit everything perfectly without any binding around the handle – every job is simplified in a single bag!

Plus, soft fabric on all exterior surfaces protects your valuable gear and keeps it clean while other perforations cut through material for flow of air while on carts or by hand. This strap is wider than most, which makes it more comfortable. It also has a square on the side that can be used to measure without needing to find an outside edge.

All in all, if you want superior protection with plenty of compartments to fill up with whatever goodies come down those carpenter aisles, this is the best one.

What We Liked

  • Durable material, plenty of compartments for all carpentry gear
  • You have easy access to each tool thanks to the side zippers!
  • Durable strap with a square on the side that can be used to measure
  • It also features a large compartment on the top that is perfect for heavy tools or an A/C unit!

What Could Be Improved

  • Pricey but worth it
  • Main pouch zippers can be a little finicky

Overall, this is one bag you cannot go wrong with. It’s made from strong materials and has plenty of compartments for all your gear. All the pricey parts are worth it in the long run.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Small Carpenter Tool Bags

clc custom leathercraft 9-pocket carpenter tool bags

Top quality craftsmanship meets budget-friendly prices when you need a custom leather nail and tool bag. Constructed of beautiful, premium grain leather – yours in eye catching dark saddle tan or rich black – which ages beautifully with wear, CLC Tool Bags are built to last.

This 5833 model has three main pockets. One flat pocket for your biggest tools. One narrow pocket that goes top to bottom for nails and screws. The last deep zippered “glove” pocket is lined with soft suede to protect your clumsy gloves from getting scuffed or snagged.

As if those weren’t handy enough already! There’s an elasticized hammer loop on the outside and a strong metal loop for clipping to your belt.

The best part about this bag is its versatility: you can carry it by hand or wear it on your side like a holster. It’s also just perfect for when you need both hands, whether at work or home.

What We Liked

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Quality materials for a long lasting bag
  • It’s versatile; you can wear it on your side like a holster

What Could Be Improved

  • Not waterproof enough for those working in wet conditions. If this is a concern, we recommend the Veto Pro Pac as it has better water protection.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable and versatile bag that keeps all your tools safe and organized, then this is the one to go with. It’s even got an outside pocket perfect for keeping your phone or tablet from getting lost in the bottom of the pack. The only downside would be its lack of water protection.

Husky Carpenter Tool Bags

Husky Carpenter Tool Bags

At last, a miracle for carpenters! A bag to hold every tool needed for the job. It has 17 internal pockets with plenty of space and 14 external pockets so you can carry everything from wood and nails to measuring tape and scissors.

As if that wasn’t enough, this bag comes with 6 feet on the bottom to protect your foot from nail guns or saws sticking out while pulled over grass…all without any fear of it ripping!

It is literally durable as can be yet features a soft grip handle that does not hurt when carrying heavy items inside – even up flights of stairs. Casters are also featured at the base to make sliding easier when not carried on the shoulder or in hand!

What We Liked

  • 17 internal pockets with plenty of space and 14 external pockets
  • Comes in different colors for easy identification, including a hard to find green
  • Shipped fully assembled so you can use it right out the box!

What Could Be Improved

  • We didn’t found any con side of this open tote tool bag.

This carpenter-friendly tool bag is perfect for anyone who needs a durable yet comfortable design. It comes in colors that are easy to identify with and even has casters on the bottom of the base, so you can slide it more easily across any surface!

LAUTUS Leather Carpenter Tool Bags

LAUTUS Leather Carpenter Tool Bags

The LAUTUS leather tool bag provides a convenient, functional, and durable way for carpenters and other professionals who need to bring their tools with them on the job site.

This bag has 10 total pockets that are all perfectly sized for individual tools, so you can easily find what you need where you need it. 4 large bags, 2 smaller pockets for pencils, screwdriver, tape measure – anything else in easy reach. The leather box square ensures your rules won’t interfere with your work while they’re tucked away rather than strapped over your shoulder or hanging off of one side like lesser-made pouches.

The choice of oil tanned suede offers premier quality without sacrificing durability since polyester fabrics always wear out first! If you’re looking for a carpenter tool bag that’s as durable and functional as you are, this is the best one to go with.

What We Liked

  • This is one bag made to last you your entire career, so it’s worth investing in
  • Dividers are well sized for individual tools
  • The leather box square will keep everything organized. It also has plenty of pockets to carry any other necessities like pens, pencils, and rulers.

What Could Be Improved

  • It’s not waterproof and can’t be exposed to a lot of moisture. Definitely keep it away from any water!
  • Not as many pockets for small parts like nails, screws, etc

This durable pouch bag will last you your whole career – but keep in mind that it does have its flaws. This isn’t waterproof, so it can’t touch any water at all. We love that this is a tough bag, and you’ll be able to use these pockets for years!

CLC 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter's Tool Backpack

Anyone can be a carpenter with this tool backpack, designed for any project big and small. From complete construction to odd jobs around the house, you’ll never leave your tools behind again!

Reach in for any piece of equipment on our generous 24″ organizer pocket or one of the two deep pockets that hold tubular items. Shoulder straps are padded generously to provide comfort on any job site. A front exterior pocket is perfect for all those smaller supplies you need while away from home.

This rugged bag has plenty more- durable fabric resistant to wear and tear easy zippers, and convenient draw strings where necessary, so nothing goes missing inside- even when as full as it is spacious!

What We Liked

  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Durable fabric
  • Spacious top opening
  • Front exterior pocket is perfect for all those smaller supplies you need while away from home
  • Easy zippers and convenient draw strings where necessary, so nothing goes missing inside

What Could Be Improved

  • Drawstrings can be difficult to close when the bag is full, making it easy to accidentally lose items inside.

This is a perfectly balanced carpenter tool backpack we found on Amazon with quality fabric resistant to wear and tear easy zippers, and convenient drawstrings where necessary, so nothing gets lost inside! Highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a durable, spacious bag that’s not too heavy and will last them many years to come.

DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Roller Tool Bag

DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Roller Tool Bag

Tired of lugging your heavy tools in a bulky case? Butts, backs, and ankles alike will be thankful for the new DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Roller Tool Bag. With its easy access magnetic zipper top that attaches to a telescoping handle with a light loop- it’s perfect for use in dark under-floor conditions or at night time.

Not to mention this bag has heavy duty wheels that will enable you with easy movement (perfect for air travel) over rough terrain – no more struggling through rocky or muddy paths! The sturdy carrying handles provide comfort when transporting this functional bag, while the large interior provides storage space for most large power tools and accessories.

And powered by two AAA batteries included (which can also be replaced), you’ll never have to worry about not being able to see what you’re looking for again!

What We Liked

  • Magnetic zippers for easy access
  • Telescoping handle with a light loop
  • Heavy duty wheels for mobility on rough terrain
  • Sturdy carrying handles provide comfort when transporting the bag

What Could Be Improved

  • Power switch requires two hands to access

The Lighted Tool Bag is a great option for carpenters looking to stay organized on the job. People who love mobility will be delighted with the heavy-duty wheels and telescoping handle with a light loop – two features that make this bag a pleasure to use.

What is a Carpenter Tool Bag?

A carpenter tool bag is a must-have for any professional. These bags are designed specifically to carry the tools and supplies needed to work as a carpenter. They include features such as compartments, pockets, and zippers that allow you easy access to your items without having to rummage through the entire contents of the bag.

Carpenters will often use these bags while working on jobsites so they can quickly grab what they need when it’s time to start cutting wood or measuring out materials.

Some consideration before buying: Best Carpenter Tool Bags

Some consideration before buying Best Carpenter Tool Bags

There are a few things you may want to consider when searching for the best carpenter tool bag. These include:


How much is your budget? Carpenters have lots of tools, so it’s important to find something within an affordable price range if possible. Look at what different bags offer and compare prices before making any decisions.


Planning on adding more items or replacing old ones anytime soon? If not, then this might be less of a concern in terms of deciding which carpenter toolbag to get.

However, those who do plan on bringing new tools along should make sure they’re buying one that can accommodate their needs. Some larger bags allow enough room for multiple power saws and other heavy tools, but these tend to be more expensive.


Carpenters have their own needs for a carpenter tool bag that best suits them and the way they work.

That’s why one size might not fit all in terms of design and features offered on different bags. Some prefer carrying it over the shoulder, while others want something smaller and easier to carry around with both hands free.


You’re doing tough laborious jobs every day, so you need your tools to stand up to whatever is thrown its way as well!

Search for construction grade material such as ballistic nylon or PVC, which will hold up better during rugged use than other materials like polyester or cotton canvas would. This means paying attention to how heavy duty the fabric is and what materials it’s made from.


Carpenters are constantly on the move, so they need to be able to grab their tools when they’re needed, but a compartmentalized tool bag can make that easier than you might think!

You’ll want pockets for various shapes of items as well as an assortment of sizes if at all possible. This will help speed up your workflow without making things more complicated by looking around for something in particular inside the deep abyss that is your carpenter kit.

Easy Access

Since time is money in this profession, you don’t want anything stopping those precious seconds wasted trying to find the right screwdriver or hammer out of a mass pile scattered throughout your big ol’ bag.

Pockets placed on the outside of your bag can be a lifesaver for quick grabs and are best suited for smaller items such as nails or screws that you might need to have at the ready to complete a task quickly.


The type of material used makes all the difference when it comes to durability and weight distribution–each carpenter kit will come with its own set of requirements, so get what fits your needs best!

If you’re someone who prefers something lighter without sacrificing quality, then nylon is definitely an option worth looking into. If heavy duty protection against wear and tear is more important than anything else, the leather may be a better alternative because they tend to last much longer.


A lot of these kits are customizable, so if you want extra pockets or loops that’s an option available with most bags.

How to choose the right size of carpenter tool bag for your needs?

How to choose the right size of carpenter tool bag for your needs?

This is a question that many carpenters have asked and here we’ll give you the answer to it.

  • Decide what tools do you want your bag to carry? If you’re just starting out, most newbie carpenters will use only one or two types of the tool so they can get away with using smaller bags for now. But if there are more than three types of tools, then consider getting a larger sized bag because this will make carrying them around much easier. 
  • Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the size is how often you will be bringing these tools outside. If it’s going to be on an everyday basis, we recommend getting at least a medium-sized bag because even though large ones may look good, they will be too heavy to bring around with you.
  • How often do you plan on using the bag? If it’s going to be for small jobs, then a medium size should suffice. But if this is going to be your primary bag, we recommend getting at least a large sized one so that there are enough pockets and compartments in which tools can fit without damaging each other or being too cramped together.
  • Do you want an ergonomic handle over the top of the bag as well as two straps instead of just one? This really comes down to what feels more comfortable; some carpenters prefer having both while others may feel like only one strap would work better for them, but most agree that handles are necessary when carrying heavier bags because it takes much of the weight off your shoulders.
  • Which style is best for you? This really depends on what kind of tools you have and how often they’ll be used; if this will work as a secondary tool bag, then it might not matter, but if that’s all you’re going to carry around with you, then choose one that provides enough storage space can make sure everything has its own place without overflowing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a good carpenter tool bag?

There are a few qualities that make the best carpenter tool bag. First is space, which will depend on how much equipment you carry with you and what type of work you do as well. The next factor would be mobility; depending on your situation, this can either mean having wheels or being light to move around easily. You want something rugged that can withstand wear and tear, as well.

Who needs a carpenter tool bag?

A carpenter tool bag is a great investment for anyone who needs to carry around their tools on the job. If you’re going on-site, then having something with wheels will be best so that it’s easy to move your equipment from one place to another. Jobsite workers might need a smaller bag depending on what they are carrying and how much. For individuals who need to carry a lot of tools with them and work on-site, then having a big bag that can hold everything is necessary.

How to maintain a carpenter tool bag?

A carpenter tool bag can last a long time if it’s taken care of. When you buy your new bag, take the time to clean and treat it with weather-proofing products. This will prevent any materials from being damaged in rain or snow. The best way to maintain and keep your tools organized is by using dividers that will fit in the bag. You can buy these at any hardware store or online.

What should you have in your tool bag?

You should keep a few basic items in your bag to make any repairs or adjustments. The best tools you will use most often, but it’s also good to have some extra hammers and nails just if they’re needed for quick fixes. You might want to add tape measures, squares, levelers, and others as well. Some carpenters also carry nail sets with them at all times, and if you don’t want to do this then make sure there is always a box of nails close by. You never know when one might come in handy!

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a seasoned carpenter or just starting out, having the right tool bag is essential. The best carpenter tool bags will help you be more efficient on-site when it comes to set up and break downtime because they’ll have everything you need in one place. Carpenters should invest in a tool bag that will hold all their tools and make them more mobile.

We hope we’ve been able to give you an idea of what type of products would work well for your needs!

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