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Best Lineman Tool Bag in 2022: Which One Should You Buy?

A lineman’s best friend is their tool bag. It carries all of the essential equipment that they need to do their job every day, and it needs to be perfect for them in order to make it through a workday without any issues.

In this article, we will discuss what you should look for when shopping for a new best lineman tool bag so that you can get one with everything you need!

List of The Best Lineman Tool Bag

Klein Tools 5185ORA Lineman Tool BackpackCheck Price
RoadPro RPTB20 Lineman Tool BagCheck Price
Klein Tools Lineman Tool Bag BucketCheck Price
Dickies 57104 Lineman Tool BagCheck Price
ToughBuilt – Journeyman Lineman PouchCheck Price

Klein Tools 5185ORA Lineman Tool Backpack

Klein Tools 5185ORA Lineman Tool Backpack

The Klein Tools 5185ORA Tool Backpack is made for today’s lineman. Designed with a rugged, durable plastic bottom and an easy-access top-loading area that holds all your heavy-duty tools and equipment, this backpack will keep you moving efficiently throughout the day.

Padded shoulder straps can be adjusted for comfort while carrying up to 50 pounds of weight on each strap. With back support to alleviate lumbar stress (unloading weight from the spine), these padded straps provide years of service, even in difficult working conditions where other materials might fail. The strap includes a built-in electrical hazard label to alert others of the danger that you’re carrying.

The Klein Tools backpack also features an integrated tool organizer in the top compartment, which divides tools and parts for easy retrieval. The bottom section is RF welded together with no seams or overlaps, so it will never leak fluids onto your valuable tools.

The exterior is designed with water-resistant, heavy-duty ballistic nylon and has both an outside zippered pouch and a top handle for carrying convenience. The pack’s interior can be custom-tailored to suit your needs by adding dividers to separate the compartments or installing hook-and-loop fasteners on either side of the pack.

RoadPro RPTB20 Lineman Tool Bag

RoadPro RPTB20 Collapsible Lineman Tool Carrier Bag

When you need reliable and rugged tool storage, look no further than Road Pro! This RPTB20 Lineman Tool Carrier/Bag is large enough for all of your tools. With ample space inside, it can easily hold the big things like a power saw or drill as well as smaller accessories.

The bag has a 20″ opening at its widest point and folds up to just 3″ deep, making storing it away simple like any other maintenance tool bag. And best yet – the shoulder strap neatly wraps around when not in use so that you won’t forget to pack it with your essentials on-site!

The RPTB20 is a durable product that offers features like extending handlebars, an integrated tool belt, and an extendable storage frame. The quality is amazing; the stitching is perfect, and it has held up well through rigorous use.

This product is great because there are tons of pockets so that everything gets its own spot. There are several pockets for smaller items like wrenches or spare parts that you can keep organized in this bag and easily find.

Klein Tools Lineman Tool Bag Bucket

Klein Tools 5144BHB14OS Lineman Tool Bag Bucket

Klein Tools’ bucket is perfect for a lineman who needs to put things in their pocket (bucket)! The 15 pockets inside are great for holding small tools or medium-sized hardware. The 14 outer pockets provide a handy place to store bigger items, like cutters, gloves, and even parts of your lunch! Comes with web handles that make the bucket easy to carry as you work.

The Klein Tools’ bucket is made of denier polyester, which is tough and durable. The best thing about this unique material is that it’s not as easy to tear or break as other fabrics such as cotton. This allows you more versatility with future projects like zippers, buttons, draw buckles, etc.

The bottom of the bucket is made from a molded polypropylene material with drainage holes. This means that any liquids can dry out, so you don’t have to worry about rusting or other damage being caused by moisture in your tool bag.

The tool sleeves are color coded and rubberized, so tools don’t slip out when carrying this bag around or kneeling on it while wiring and the hook can hold anything from pliers up to 18-inch combinations.

Dickies 57104 Lineman Tool Bag

Dickies 57104 Lineman Tool Bag

Whether you’re a lineman or someone that loves one, this tote is perfect for you. Whether it’s your tools and supplies you need to carry with you all day or just the things from your toolbox that have grown out of control–this will be an amazing new way to keep up with them. There are 23 pocket slots in this bag; enough for every cable cutter, stripper and lifter imaginable! The detachable shoulder strap is padded for comfort during transport.

Plus, it includes an extra storage pocket where you can keep your tape measure holder, tool clip, tape tethers, and 11 loops for additional utility – making it easier than ever to carry everything that you need with just one hand!

The organizer is made with a tough polyester blend that’s puncture-resistant. The durable canvas carry handle can be secured to the backpack straps when you’re on the go.

The organizer’s interior is fully integrated with a unique design that allows for maximum storage capacity and easy access, and quick identification of tools inside.

ToughBuilt – Journeyman Lineman Pouch

ToughBuilt - Journeyman Lineman Pouch

ToughBuilt’s Journeyman Lineman ClipTechPouch has been designed for the ever-changing needs of the professional lineman.

This versatile pouch is designed to carry and protect your tools while on shift, accommodating your every need, whether you are climbing a pole or tucking away cable out in the open.

ClipTech is a new innovation that will make it easier to carry the tools you need. You will be able to have any combination of tools without them falling off or being taken away by rough terrain.

This utility pouch is very good for tough conditions. It protects your things from being damaged by the weather or other things to do with the work you are doing. It clamps onto any belt – so you can wear it with anything!

What is The Lineman’s Tool Bag?

A lineman’s tool bag is a very important piece of equipment that every line worker should own. It can contain all of the tools needed to be safe and comfortable in any situation on or off the job site.

The lineman’s tool bag is an amazing product for anyone who works as a utility worker, from linemen to aerial technicians to cable splicers. The tool bags are durable, highly functional, and ergonomic.

Tool bags for linemen are designed with many pockets and compartments, so you don’t have to worry about rummaging through your bag looking for something you need – it’s already there! They’re also made out of water-resistant material and come with reflective strips if you work at night.

Best Lineman Tool Bag: Things to Consider

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Tool Bag for Lineman

What types of tools do you need to carry on the job? Will your bag be comfortable and well designed for your specific needs? How much time will it take for a new tool bag to break in before all of its pockets are emptied out, or is this something that’s not too important to you because you’ll have a better chance at finding what you need?

Is the best tool bag for lineman one that’ll last longer, or will it be easier to carry around in a more compact package? What kind of quality do you want from your new bag – durable, ergonomic design, water-resistant material with reflective strips, etc.?

In our opinion, a lineman’s best tool bag is one that has all the features and qualities listed above. 


The capacity of the bag is measured in liters or cubic inches and ranges from around 25 to 45 liters, with 40 being a common size.

The amount you need depends on your trade – some linemen may prefer larger bags that can carry everything they might need, while others will choose smaller bags with more organization.


Tool bags come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, green, and yellow. Many linemen choose to buy the color that matches their company’s logo so they can stand out on the job site.

Black is typically considered safer since it’s less conspicuous as something not belonging there – but if you want to stand out, a bold color might be just the thing.


There is an important storage consideration – where do you store your tools? If you’re looking for something that’s not too bulky but will carry enough items to give you a variety of options, then maybe one with pockets on both sides would work best. If you need to carry larger items, then a bag with more storage space would be the way to go.


What are your height and weight? That will help determine what size of tool bag you should buy – if it’s not too long for your frame in length or heavy enough that it can drag you down when you wear it.


What are you looking for in terms of durability? Some bags might not last well under some types of conditions, like extreme heat or cold – so if those extremes will be a regular part of your job environment, then that’s something to keep in mind when deciding on the type and quality to purchase.


How much are you willing to spend on a new tool bag? Tool bags range in price from the very expensive, like $200+ for some of the more high-quality ones to just around $50 or less. The cheapest can be found at retail stores, while others may need to be purchased online. Do your research carefully to make sure you are purchasing the best tool bag for your budget and needs.


Your tool bags will be a constant companion, so it’s important that they’re comfortable to wear on long shifts or even all day.

One of the most common complaints is that some carriers don’t have any padding around the waistband, which can result in significant pressure and discomfort on the lower back.


Some tool bags come with no compartments, so you need to be able to find one that has plenty.

You should have enough pockets for your tools and other items such as gloves or a first aid kit. Some of the more expensive carriers will also offer extra storage space in the form of zip-up pouches and internal pockets.


Most lineman tool bags are made from some form of nylon, canvas, or polyester, which is both durable and water-resistant. Some companies will also offer a leather option at an additional price point, but this may not be the best idea for those who work outdoors in all types of weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Final Thoughts

The best linemen tool bag is the one that offers plenty of compartments, durable material, and a comfortable fit. The more expensive choices may provide additional storage space, but in general, a bag with just the right number of pockets is all that’s needed for those who work outdoors.

Get your lineman tools organized today by picking up one of these great bags! You’ll never lose anything again, and you’ll always know where everything is when you need it most. And don’t worry about comfort – these bags are designed to make sure they’re as lightweight as possible without sacrificing durability or utility.

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