Best Tool Backpack for Electricians

Best Tool Backpack for Electricians: Explained

If you’re an electrician, the chances are good that you have a lot of tools that you need to carry around with you. Tools can be bulky and heavy, which is why it’s important to invest in the best tool backpack for electricians.

The best tool backpacks will allow electricians to carry all their tools without having them weighing them down. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the best options out there so that you can find the one perfect for your needs!

List of The Best Tool Backpack for Electricians

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tool BackpackCheck Price
DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool BackpackCheck Price
Veto Tech Pac MC (Compact Tech Pac)Check Price
CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132Check Price
Amazon Basics Electrician Tool BackpackCheck Price
ToolEra Electricians Tool BackpackCheck Price
XtremepowerUS Multi-Purpose BackpackCheck Price

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tool Backpack

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Electricians Tool Backpack

When you’re an electrician, no job is ever the same. One second you may be installing wiring, and the next minute you’ll be tightening a light bulb. The 55421BP-14Tool Backpack from Klein Tools has a lot of spaces where you can put your tools. You can also keep your safety glasses safe when it’s not in use.

The interior has orange lining so this backpack is easy to see in any situation. There are extra padded straps and handles for easy carrying. And it’s exterior is made from 1680d ballistic weave with water resistance capabilities.

Tired of bending down every time? With tall dimensions and an interior pocket to fit long screwdrivers in their entirety, the 55421BP-14 Tool Backpack ensures comfort as well as easy access on those high up jobs like fixing light bulbs–no ladder necessary!

What We Liked

  • It comes with a long warranty.
  • The pockets have plenty of space and are well organized.
  • This backpack is easy to find in any situation, thanks to the orange lining.
  • Extra padded straps and handles for carrying make it more comfortable.

What Could Be Improved

  • This tool backpack is great for small jobs and light work but not ideal for really heavy duty projects that use many bulky items at once.

Bottom Line: This electrician backpack comes with extra padded straps and handles, so it’s more comfortable on your back and shoulders. It’s well-padded and durable, meaning it won’t wear out after a few uses. The only downside is that this bag isn’t ideal for really heavy duty projects as the pockets are small to hold larger items like drills and generators.

DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack

DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Electricians Tool Backpack

DEWALT understands that you need a product to help make your work easier if you’re an electrician. With this in mind, they created the DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack with plenty of room to store all of your parts and tools. This backpack is lightweight, eye-catching, and designed to keep you comfortable while working at those high voltage locations (also our favorite pick for heavy-duty mechanics).

At 39 Lumens when using max output settings, this backpack has 3 levels of light output with various levels of brightness that will allow it to either illuminate a larger area or shine lights directly onto closer portions. That way, no matter if it’s wide-area illumination for general work on an electrical panel or close-up lighting for examining wiring issues from inside panels, this backpack packs some serious power!

And just like everything DEWALT makes, this backpack is rugged enough to survive just about anything: it even has padded web carrying handles, adjustable shoulder straps, base pad feet, and 48 multi-use pockets inside! Need we say more?

What We Liked

  • Extra padding for a comfortable carry (that’s what the shoulder straps are for, but we’re just listing it as a pro anyway)
  • Ability to adjust according to how much weight you want to take on your back. (we’ll let you decide if that’s more of an advantage or disadvantage…)
  • Lots of pockets for all your necessities. (48 to be exact, and they’re different sizes!)
  • DEWALT has a reputation for ruggedness and quality
  • Adjustable shoulder straps make it more comfortable to carry with its 28.0 lbs.

What Could Be Improved

  • None! This backpack is perfect for electricians everywhere!

Bottom Line: This backpack is perfect for electricians everywhere! The DEWALT is made of heavy-duty material and has a reputation for ruggedness. It’s got adjustable shoulder straps, 48 pockets, and a load capacity!

Veto Tech Pac MC (Compact Tech Pac)

Veto Tech Pac MC (Compact Tech Pac)

The Veto Tech Pac MC (Compact Tech Pac) for electricians is a premium, heavy duty bag that features convenient pockets for easy organization of hand tools and supplies.

The Veto Pac MC has 39 pockets and 8 inches of electrical tape strap, so you can keep your most used tools at your fingertips when on a ladder or working in small spaces like crawl spaces or attics. With 2 storage bays that hold up to 4 storage platforms, it’s got more than enough room for all those extra meters you’ve been lugging around.

And if you’re constantly wrapped in extension cords while climbing ladders, this backpack is also designed with rugged EVA padding for traction, which will make all those long country rides much less exhausting (avoid this one if you’re searching for a lineman tool bag). We have waterproof zippers and a tough 3mm polypropylene base to ensure your tools stay dry and protected.

What We Liked

  • Built-in storage bays
  • Plenty of room for tools and meters
  • EVA padding is great to have when on ladders or to climb a ladder
  • Durable and robust design
  • Waterproof zipper to keep all items dry when in heavy rain or snow.
  • Tough polypropylene base ensures that your tool will stay protected from the elements

What Could Be Improved

  • Bulky because of many pockets, which can be difficult to maneuver on a ladder.

Bottom Line: The bottom line is that if you’re an electrician who needs a lot of tools and doesn’t want to have to take multiple trips up or down the ladder, these backpacks are best for you. It’s also important that these packs are durable so they can last through years of use, which means you’ll never have to worry about your tools.

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132 Electrician Backpack

Pro electricians know how important their tools are. They need to have a place for everything and be able to access everything in one place too!

That’s why this 75-pocket backpack is ideal for them: It has six zippered compartments, so they can compartmentalize easily. And it means that all your cordless drill won’t end up clanking around the bottom of your pack like it usually does with other backpacks. The polyester material means you’ll have no worries about the rain or snow ruining any of your supplies.

And best of all? This pack has plenty of pockets, big and small, meaning that even if you don’t take an extra bit of storage room when getting out gang boxes and 25′ extension cords, you’ll be able to keep the heavy items in an easy-to-reach place.

What We Liked

  • Six zippered compartments
  • Polyester material
  • Great for compartmentalizing
  • Plenty of pockets for everything

What Could Be Improved

  • Too many compartments for bits and pieces
  • It’s heavy to carry when full

Bottom Line: If you need an all-in-one pack for your tools, this is it. The six compartments make it easy to organize your tools, and the polyester material keeps everything safe in rain or snow.

Amazon Basics Electrician Tool Backpack

Amazon Basics Electrician Tool Backpack

A large, thoughtful backpack for electricians. This Amazon Basics tool backpack has 42 inside pockets and 9 outside pockets to help you organize your tools for easy transport.

The top of this back pack features a large pocket that is easy to access and which will accommodate most cordless drills with extended battery packs. With 2 main zippered compartments – one for the basics tools themselves and another where you can store extra parts like spare batteries or bits.

There’s even an orange-hued interior lining, so your items are always easily found among all those sliders, gauges, magnets, and more! It comes with comfortable padded straps as well as an adjustable chest strap that makes wearing it super comfy. Compatible with most battery-powered power tools, this backpack is perfect for electricians.

What We Liked

  • Has a lot of pockets for storage and organization
  • Has a large pocket to fit most drills with extended battery packs
  • The straps are adjustable so that everyone can find a way they like best
  • The top of this backpack features a large pocket that is easy to access and which will accommodate most cordless drills with extended battery packs

What Could Be Improved

  • If you’re looking for something that is water resistant, then this backpack might not be right for your needs.

Bottom Line: Though it doesn’t have water resistance, this backpack provides some other benefits that make up for this drawback (notable larger pocket and adjustable straps). The inside of this backpack is padded to protect your tools while you’re on-the-go.

ToolEra Electricians Tool Backpack

ToolEra Electricians Tool Backpack

The ToolEra Electricians Backpack is perfect for all of your small, medium, and large tools with its 50 individual pockets designed for any size tool. From electrical wire to rulers to pliers and screw drivers, it has the space for everything you need in a backpack!

With two extra padded mesh side pockets (perfect for carrying power tools) on each side, an adjustable security strap unzips from either end. The zipper pocket on the inside is perfect for storing keys or a phone. The orange lines inside help to keep things from getting mixed up too badly.

Besides, with new bright orange lining to easily spot tools in a flash, you’ll be an electrician’s hero every time you show up! There are also three padded compartments which make organizing even simple equipment a breeze!

What We Liked

  • Has a zipper pocket for keys and phone
  • The zippers are heavy-duty quality
  • In the event that something spills, it is water resistant (not waterproof)

What Could Be Improved

  • The backpack is not waterproof.
  • It can be a tight fit to carry larger tools.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a backpack that has a water resistant coating and is more durable, this tool bag might be best for you.

XtremepowerUS Multi-Purpose Backpack

XtremepowerUS Multi-Purpose Backpack

How about multi-purpose? The XtremepowerUS Multi-Purpose Backpack for electricians, with a total of 36 pockets, will keep everything you need in your job on site. It’s easy to be totally prepared for any emergency situation, from drill to extension cords and all the necessary key bits.

It’s got plenty of space to carry whatever electrical necessities, from pliers to extension cords to screwdrivers to even an electrical tester! It also includes padded carrying handles and shoulder straps.

The back is padded for increased comfort, so when the job is done, there are no heavy sore shoulders and aching back as well as improved wear resistance increasing the life of the bag considerably. The bottom base pads ensure abrasion prevention which allows free movement without slowing down and sacrificing durability.

What We Liked

  • Extra pockets to store small items, such as screw drivers or pliers
  • It includes plenty of space for all your necessities
  • The bottom base pads are made to prevent wear down and abrasion
  • Padded shoulder straps and handles allow for added comfort while carrying heavy loads

What Could Be Improved

  • The Velcro opening for the main pocket can be a little difficult to open if you’re in a hurry.

Bottom Line: This tool backpack is perfect for any electrician looking to have everything they need on-site. It’s got lots of room, padded handles, and shoulders for ultimate comfort and comes in a variety of colors.

Best Tool Backpack for Electricians: Things to Consider

Things to Consider Before Purchase The Best Tool Backpack for Electricians


Durability is the most important consideration when looking for a tool backpack. The best packs are made of high-quality material and thoughtful designs to keep them lasting longer than other backpacks.


Look for a pack that has plenty of pockets, especially in the outside compartments, so you can stay organized while on site. Some tools might need different environments – like insulated or waterproof ones – depending on where they’re being used.

Color Options:

Electricians spend their time going all over a building during service calls, so it’s always good to have a bag that comes in different colors to help distinguish between job sites or just grab whichever one feels right! These days there are more options available than ever before, from standard black models to bright red or neon green bags.


Know what type of tools you’re going to need and make sure there’s enough room in the pack for them! It can be tempting to throw all your gear into one bag, but it might not work out too well later on if you find yourself trying to make space. If anything, having multiple smaller bags is a good idea so that each tool has its own place.

Keeps Tools Organized:

Electricians are often working with power tools at high voltage, which means they have many safety precautions they must take before every use – like grounding themselves first.

This could mean setting down their backpack while taking off gloves and boots, making a quick switch from insulated glove inserts versus non-insulated gloves, and so on. Leaving most of your tools in one place might not be the best idea because a lot can happen with just this amount of time.


“It’s difficult to know what all goes into our packs when we’re packing for work every day. We usually have lists that are filled out ahead of time but then as soon as things start coming together, it becomes clear that there was some sort of oversight or something,” says John Scott. He is a professional electrician who also works at Home Depot where he helps customers find their perfect tool backpack among many different options.

“I often see people throwing everything they think they need into their pack without thinking about how bulky certain items may be and how they can’t fit everything in. They’re trying to make their pack as big and deep as possible so that they have the extra room for all of those little things but when it comes down to it, they need a lot more space than just this.”

“We would recommend taking some time to decide what you’ll actually be using on any given day because if you don’t know where your tools are then there’s nothing we can do about it,” says Scott. “It might not sound like much time at first glance but sorting through these items every morning will add up over the course of a year.”

This is why electricians should consider purchasing tool backpacks with compartments specifically designed for certain types of equipment and supplies such as power tools, electrical tapes, or wire strippers.

The good news is that there are plenty of high-quality tool backpacks on the market to choose from, and this makes finding a backpack suited for electricians much easier.


It’s important that a backpack is big enough for you to store everything you need in it, so make sure there are plenty of sizes available!


A good pack doesn’t come cheap, which is why it’s worth looking at your budget before buying one. After all, we want our gear to last us as long as possible! And with prices starting from just $30-40, what do you have to lose?

Other Features:

We’d recommend checking out before purchasing any pack looking at reviews and feedback left by other customers who’ve also used them. This will give you an idea of what people actually think about the product as well as how durable they feel it is after prolonged use.

The best way to know if a pack will suit your needs is to get one that’s the right size for you. A backpack should have a lot of pockets, but not so many that it becomes cumbersome and difficult to find what you’re looking for when in need.

We found some common features were the PVC frame sheet, which helps distribute weight evenly throughout the pack, reflective piping on certain areas of packs, and some small details like buckle tool loops and water bottle holders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why electricians need tool bags?

Tool bags are a must for any professional electrician. They need to be able to carry all the tools they may need, such as screwdrivers and pliers in one convenient place so that it doesn’t take up space or create clutter on their workbench. Tool backpacks can also come with other additions like LED lights and water bottle holders, which make them even more beneficial for those who spend long hours working outside of an electrical box without access to power outlets.

How do you organize your tool backpack?

A tool backpack can be organized however the user wants. Some prefer to store all of their tools in one location with the intent that they will only have to grab what they need when out on a job, while others like to keep different areas for screwdrivers and pliers so that it is easier to find just the right tool at a moment’s notice. It may take some experimenting before you figure out which best suits your needs, but there are enough options available today that even those who prefer something more specific should be able to get exactly what they want!

Why buy a tool backpack rather than use my own bag or box?

Tool backpacks are designed to be a one-stop solution for all of your tools. They offer easy access, neat organization, and they typically have the capacity to carry more than what you would find in an average toolbox or bag. This is also important if you work with multiple tradespeople who may need different types of tools during a job – it’s best not to mix them up when everyone has their own backpack! This will ensure that each person knows where their tools can be found and won’t accidentally take someone else’s if there isn’t enough space at the site. It also means less time wasted looking for lost items as well.

How do I know what to look for in a quality tool backpack?

A handyman’s best friend is his trusty toolbag. You can never have too many tools, and it may not be practical to carry them all around with you on your belt (which would also make getting into tight spaces difficult). That’s why we think every good DIYer should invest in one of these great packs that will let them haul their favorite toys from point A to point B without having to worry about any accidents along the way! We hope this little buyer’s guide helps you find the best tool backpack for you.

What are the best tools for electricians?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on what you plan to do with your career. There are many different kinds of jobs that an electrician can do, and each will have its own list of necessary equipment. Some common items include screwdrivers; pliers; wire cutters/strippers; utility knives (or razor blades); voltage testers or multimeter sets. If you’re still unsure about which tools would work best for your needs, there’s no better way than asking someone who does this type of job all day! Try contacting some local contractors to see if they could tell you more about how things get done in such environments.

Our Final Thoughts

Best tool backpack for electricians range from simple to very detailed, with one thing in common: they should be durable. We found that some packs were not as well made or had incorrect sizing, and others didn’t have enough pockets.

The best tool backpack will depend on your needs, but you want something that is comfortable while still being functional and available at a decent price point. Our opinion would be the DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Electrician’s Tool Backpack which has been tried and tested by several customers already including us!

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