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Best Tool Bag for Painters in 2022 [Updated]

Painting is a great mind art job. So this type of job personnel can deliver his best only when he got what he needs. The best tool bag for painters is one of the main tools directly related to the painter’s everyday life. 

Besides, painters always need to carry something particular for their job purpose. So carrying brushes, rollers, spray tips, and poles is not possible in ordinary tool bags.

In our research-based review, we tried to cover almost all tiny things about the bags.

We also added a buying guide to enrich your purchasing knowledge. We hope this researchable buying guide will be thoughtful guidance for all the enthusiastic painters who’re interested in a painter’s tool bag.

List of Best Tool Bag for Painters

Dickies 20-Inch Painters Tool Bag
  • Dimensions (inches): 23 x 13 x 1 
  • Weight (pounds): 2.6
  • Pockets: 14
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WORKPRO Close Top Storage
  • Dimensions (inches): 18 x 9.5 x 8.7 
  • Weight (pounds): 2.44
  • Pockets: 13
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Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530
  • Dimensions (inches): 12 x 23 x 15
  • Weight (pounds): 3
  • Pockets: 43
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DEWALT DG5543 Painters Tool Bag
  • Dimensions (inches): 13.8 x 4.5 x 19.3
  • Weight (pounds): 3
  • Pockets: 33
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AIRAJ 18-inch Painters Tool Bag
  • Dimensions (inches): 19.1  x 11 x 3.75
  • Weight (pounds): 4
  • Pockets: 16
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1. Dickies 20-Inch Painters Tool Bag

Dickies 20-Inch Painters Tool Bag


Dickies 20-Inch Painters Tool Bag is a great toughie one for painting prof. The heavy material used in this bag for long-lasting.

We love the wide-mouthed features of this bag. It allows the painters to access and grab the paintbrushes or rollers easily and quickly.

We found the bag pockets are well roomy. A total of 14 pockets will help you to stay organized as you want. The inner pockets are deep and wide enough to store the items like poles, spray tips, etc.

Zippers are easy to pull, and it’s heavy-duty. The top handle of this painter’s bag is sturdy, and it won’t crack in any soon. Besides, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying all the power tools easily.

The above all these features make this Dickies bag the best tool bag for painters.

  • Wide-mouthed main storage for easy access
  • Constructed with rip-resistant durable fabrics
  • Heavy duty durable zipper
  • Cushioned shoulder straps for comfort
  • The shoulder strap is a little bit thin

2. WORKPRO Close Top Storage

WORKPRO Close Top Storage


WORKPRO Close Top Storage is popular for its adjustable straps. It’s very helpful for quick access to your essential content.

For painters who love to carry the tools like paint rollers, painter’s tape, and roller cover, this bag is ideal.

The wide 18 inches bag can store almost all the brushes and poles easily. We found the durability of the bag is impressive and not going to tear for heavy loads.

The pockets are depth enough to keep small items like a dripless caulk gun, knife, and paint scrapper.

We suspect that the bag’s rubber foam bottom is a pretty helpful feature. Painters always in a hurry, so the rubber foams protect the contents from damage.

This is a great tool bag for painters with all the tool storage combinations. Painters who’re searching for a bag with all these features within budget can go for this one.

  • Made with heavy-duty nylon fabrics
  • Anti-frictional base prevents from scratching
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for relaxing carry
  • External mesh pockets for personal items
  • Not for the heavy user

3. Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530

Custom Leathercraft CLC 1530


CLC custom leathercraft 1530 is provide everything required for a painter.

The huge 43 pockets to store everything needs for painters-the side two window pockets for better visualization of the contents.

Among two window pockets, one can be removed, and another one is stationary.

This large open tool carrier can bear all the load of the painter’s content. The outer pocket can hold all the angled and flat paint brushes. The inner portion is roomy to store paint trays, roller frames, etc.

Lastly, this one is an incredible bag with lots of features. Plenty outside pocket to store all your painting tools and the beautiful design makes this bag a premium pick.

  • 43 internal and external pockets
  • 2 window pockets
  • Plastic compartment tray
  • Deep pockets for longer tools
  • A bit smaller than other bags

4. DEWALT DG5543 Painters Tool Bag

DEWALT DG5543 Painters Tool Bag


DEWALT DG5543 Painters tool bag is a highly rugged one. The fabric used in this bag is of top-notch quality, and it’ll last for a long-time.

The bag is well constructed with a large main compartment. The pockets can hold almost anything you want.

The accessible outer pocket is trade-friendly. So you can put almost all little small painting tools there.

All 33 pockets won’t let you sacrifice any tools. The pockets are well shallowed to keep the tools standing up suitably.

Thanks to its padded handle grip, it won’t put pressure while the bag is fully loaded. Moreover, there is also an adjustable shoulder strap for relaxing carry.

The zippered pocket of the bag is robust and not going to break after a few projects.

However, the bag is suitable for carrying heavy tools and great value for money for the people of the painting industry. The bag’s wide size will help you store roller, big frames, and many more.

  • Pop open design for easy access
  • Durable material for longevity
  • 33 useful pockets
  • Heavy duty shoulder strap
  • Lack of small compartment

5. AIRAJ 18-inch Painters Tool Bag

AIRAJ 18-inch Painters Tool Bag


AIRAJ 18 inch Painters Tool Bag is our last pick for this review. The well-built classical durable design will make this bag an ideal choice for any painters.

The nylon fabric and proper stitching make this bag tough to carry any power tools. It’s well designed and able to bear all the heavy loads.

We found the bag’s interior pockets are roomy enough to carry all the painting equipment—a total of 14 pockets available in this painter’s tool bag to hold all the necessary.

The bag is also comfortable in terms of carrying larger tools. The adjustable padded shoulder strap gives much comfort while carrying the bag for a long time.

Lastly, this painters tool bag is great for its durability and lifetime after-sales service. If you’re really keen to invest in the best tool bag for painters, you can go with this one.

  • Waterproof oxford fabric
  • Super-strong ABS plastic bottom
  • Enough space to store everything
  • Plastic made handle
  • Long-lasting zipper closure
  • Stitching is a bit poor compared to premium bags

What is The Painters Tool Bag?

What is The Painters Tool Bag?

In short, a painter’s tool bag is designed to store all the painter’s content reliably. This type of tool carrier is made to make the painters’ daily projects smoothly.

Painters tool bag helps to carry all the specific tools individually. All the particular pockets of the tool bag help to store every single item you need.

The bags’ large and wide interior also helps painters carry heavier items like plumbing tools.

As painters need to carry various tools, they need a big wide bag with many customization options. So in a painter’s tool bag, you’ll find everything you’ll need for your painting job purpose.

What Should Consider for Best Tool Bag for Painters?

What Should Consider for Best Tool Bags for Air Travel

Purchasing a tradesmen tool bag/backpack can fulfill almost all the requirements you may face in your job journey. To carry all the loads for specific needs, you should consider several things.

Painters need a distinct sort of tools bag to carry all the brushes, different sized rollers, and poles. But is it enough? Obviously NOT!

So, here we tried to focus on almost all the things you shouldn’t want to miss before purchasing.

Proper Size

Definition of the properly sized bag is varied from person to person. Each painter has a unique style and preference to carry different types of tools.
So knowing your limits and requirements is essential.

In our review, we’ve shown different sized bags with varying options of the layout. Therefore you can choose anyone according to your necessities.

Interior Capacity

Interior storage doesn’t only help to store big items. It’s a great place to carry all the small things.

Almost all the painters bag available in the markets with roomy internal space for some good reasons.

The wide-sized interior lets you put 14 inches roller with a half-inch nap and cordless drill.

The big-sized roomy bag also helps to keep all variable rollers, poles, and hand masker. So dig out the ample interior storage capable tool bag.

Brush Pouches

Painters carry normal and different angle brushes for their job. So an ideal painter’s tool bag should’ve enough pockets to hold all the brushes.

The narrowed and deep pockets will help you to prevent the falling of the brush. Go for a bag that offers good pockets that precisely you need to store all the canvas tools.

Carrying Options

Painters shuffle all around in their job site. So carrying a comfy bag is compulsory for painters.

Moreover, if you tend to travel for your job purpose by air travel, you should focus on air travel-friendly bags.

Almost all the bags can carry like a big school bag. So purchase a bag that handles are sturdy and comfortable.

Carrying the bags on the shoulder is easy and the most recommended option. If possible, find out an adjustable strap available painter bag. Lastly, it’s crucial to go for heavy-duty and comfy shoulder straps.

Final Verdict

The best tool bag for painters offers good carrying options along with good dividends. Moreover, the perfect painter’s tool bag can help to gain clients’ satisfaction.

So if your birthday’s coming or you’re looking to buy yourself a Christmas present in a few months or whatever – You can get any of the painter’s tool bags from our review.

Finally, our review is ending here. To make our thoughts agreeable, we’ve talked with some experienced painters.

We hope above our recommendations and buying guide will be beneficial options for any painters.

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