Best Tool Bags for Air Travel

7 Best Tool Bags for Air Travel [Miscellaneous Techs Guide]

People who tend to travel for work is know how important a travel tool bag for carrying essentials. A different line of work pertains to various tools. To fly with oversized items like drills, flashlights, zip tie bundles, and the meter is quite challenging.

We tried to dig out the best tool bags for air travel with some miscellaneous techs’ experience in our review. Here we focus on carrying reliability with better organization facilities and good weight management of the bags.

Backpack Hacks

Don’t use an oversized bag to carry tools during flight. It’ll cost extra bucks and will suffer during the TSA. Besides, a good organizable bag improves 30% of work performance by reducing the worker’s frustration.

Comparison Table of 7 Best Tool Bags for Air Travel

Husky GP-43196N13 18 Tool Bag
    • Dimensions (inches): 19 x 10 x 20
    • Weight (pounds): 12
    • Pockets: 18
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STANLEY FMST1-80148 Fat Max
    • Dimensions (inches): 20 x 14.17 x 16.14
    • Weight (pounds): 10.78
    • Pockets: 17
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Klein Tools 55452RTB Tool Bag
Klein Tools 55452RTB Tool Bag
    • Dimensions (inches): 19 x 16.3 x 11
    • Weight (pounds): 19
    • Pockets: 24
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XtremepowerUS Tool Bag for Air Travel
    • Dimensions (inches): 11 x 18 x 15.5
    • Weight (pounds): 13.25
    • Pockets: 19
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DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Tool Bag
    • Dimensions (inches): 19.5 x 13 x 16.5
    • Weight (pounds): 10
    • Pockets: 17
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Stark 20 Wide Mouth Air Travel Tool Bag
    • Dimensions (inches): 19 x 12 x 9
    • Weight (pounds): 1.4
    • Pockets: 18
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CLC Custom Leathercraft L258
    • Dimensions (inches): 12 x 7 x 18
    • Weight (pounds): 1
    • Pockets: 17
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1. Husky GP-43196N13 18″ Tool Bag

Husky GP-43196N13 18 Tool Bag


Husky GP-43196N13 18″ is a perfect companion to carry all the tools while visiting abroad for your job purpose. Heavy-duty telescoping handle with durable fabric made this one our top pick.

In your local work, you may carry an 18″ open tote to carry everything. But while traveling, you obviously can’t go with an open tote to the airport.

Carrying a big bucket like a boss tool bag also isn’t a great option. Lack of organization and digging for your needing tools will take a massive effect on your mind and work.

So, this bag is designed for people who travel a lot with their tools. The bag is durable enough that promises that this isn’t a one-time flight bag.

The bag offers 18 different sizes of pockets to carry possibly everything you need.

We found the total weight of the bag ~ 45lbs after loading fill to the brim with hand tools, meters, testers, and misc cable.

Besides, the telescoping handle is an excellent addition to stack your rest extra bag and lug. The wider and more rigid wheels are great for city streets, and it’s entirely unbreakable.

Overall, all the Husky bag’s attractive features made this bag top one amid the best tool bags for air travel.

  • Sturdy and durable enough for longevity
  • Telescoping handle to carry an extra box
  • Vast interior to carry tools and media
  • Heavy-duty and street-friendly wheels
  • Perfect mobility compared to other bags
  • Little bit weighty

2. STANLEY FMST1-80148 Fat Max

STANLEY FMST1-80148 Fat Max


The Stanley FMST1-80148 Fat Max is our ‘Most-budget friendly’ pick among all the bags. The heavy-duty telescoping handle with easy-rolling abilities will make this one worth buy.

Thick fabric like 600d and good metallic zippers are excellent at this price point. Stitching is perfect for durability, and it’ll not tear for power tools.

The inner surface is big enough to store all the massive and more extended tools.

The wide-open mouth and yellow color in the interior will help you access and find the tools even in the darkness.

Unfortunately, in our review unit, we found the bag’s wheels are not up to the mark for longevity. In our test, we discover that the ground clearance is also not fair enough. But this will not affect much as the airlines and city streets aren’t a lot hard and territories.

  • Heavy duty telescoping handle
  • Durable fabric with good stitching
  • Yellow interior for better visibility
  • Big inner surface for heavy loading
  • Best features in terms of value for money
  • Wheels are small, and ground clearance is not perfect for all surface

3. Klein Tools 55452RTB Tool Bag

Klein Tools 55452RTB Tool Bag


The Klein Tools 55452RTB Tool Bag comes with unique and special features that bound us to keep it to ‘Premium Pick.’

Klein Tools Bag comes with molded kick plates, which will protect from elements. The manufacturer has done a tremendous job by built the wheels largely, which is approximately 6 inches wide.

We found the wheels are sturdy enough, and it can run smoothly on almost all surfaces. The bag comes with a unique reinforced metal frame, and it helps in terms of easy loading/unloading.

We put almost 200lbs in this bag to test the bag mobility and pressure endurance limit. Surprisingly, we found it’s no effect on the bag’s shape and practically the same pulling experience.

The bag comes in 24 different sizes, and the pockets are deep and tight enough to hold your valuable. Moreover, the bag’s orange interior helps more reliable perceptibility. And every other little spec makes this bag the most air travel-friendly tool bag on our list.

  • Molded kick plates
  • Metal frame
  • Wide wheels for better mobility
  • 24 pockets with orange color interior
  • Durable enough to carry up to 200lbs
  • The price is a bit high

4. XtremepowerUS Tool Bag for Air Travel

XtremepowerUS Tool Bag for Air Travel


XtremepowerUS Tool Bag will be a quality purchase if you care about organize your tools. This one is highly suitable for setting all the individual tools and toolsets.

We found the telescoping handle in this bag is more long-lasting than the Dewalt DGL571. Compared with Dewalt DGL571, we saw in the telescoping handle section that it did a good job and not remarkably better in the wheels’ area.

We are satisfied with the performance of the wheels of this bag. The ground clearance of the wheels is satisfactory.

Like every bag, this one has enough space to secure all the tools while air traveling. The heavy-duty materials will not let your bag down after a few flights.

  • Different compartment to store everything
  • Easily adjustable telescoping handle
  • Durable materials for longevity
  • Wheels are city street friendly
  • Little bit bulkier
  • Not satisfied with stitching quality

5. DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Tool Bag

DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Tool Bag


Dewalt DGL571 Tool Bag is for those who prefer to use all Dewalt’s products. Dewalt bags are always high quality and all the possible organization capability you’ll see in any Dewalt’s bag.

But the scenario is not the same all-time as this one is our no.5 pick, not the topmost one. Poor wheels quality makes this bag downgrade in our list.

Still, this one is a good bag for people who used to purchase regularly a Dewalt bag. The telescoping handle to carry extra-small bags or luggage is a good option while you’ll travel.

We found that the telescoping handle is not sturdy enough like Klein tools bag or not even Husky GP. The light on the grip is useful though seemingly, you may think you’ll not use it. It’s a great addition, especially if you’re an electrician.

The bag offers a magnetic folding zipper cover, which will allow easy access in the bag. Moreover, the bag’s inner portion is roomy enough to store all the power tools you want while air traveling.

  • Light in the top lid of the handle
  • Thick polyester fabric
  • Magnetic folding zipper
  • Padded web carrying handle
  • Large interior to store power tools
  • Some users complained about the quality of the wheels

6. Stark 20″ Wide Mouth Air Travel Tool Bag

Stark 20 Wide Mouth Air Travel Tool Bag


Stark 20″ Wide Mouth Tool Bag is a giant one to carry all massive tools. The whole big size of the bag gives users plenty of options to stock all the tools during transportation.

The bag comes with fantastic divider options. The divider is adjustable and removable. So it’s easy to make some extra room by removing the dividers.

Velcro straps and clamps are strong enough to bear all the loads. Moreover, the wheels are good enough to run on any surface.

Telescoping handle in this bag not as good as Husky or Klein. But you can obviously go with this bag if your job requires more tools to carry and your budget doesn’t match up for Husky or Klein.

  • Lots of room
  • Removable dividers
  • Strong velcro and clamps
  • Wide wheels for smooth rolling
  • Big inner part to secure everything
  • Weak stitching in the corner of the bag

7. CLC Custom Leathercraft L258

CLC Custom Leathercraft L258


This one is another CLC product dissection for our review. For the all-angle telescoping light handle and roomy interior of the bag, it takes place in our top 10 list.

The all-angle telescoping handle performs great in darkness. It’ll support you like a torchlight when you walk alone in the haunted darkness.

Moreover, the torch helps to visualize the tools in your Jobsite better.
The bag offers a magnetic folding cover for direct access to the main compartment. It’ll help you with quick loading or unloading.

The bag’s wheels are right, but it’s not solid plastic like all other premium CLC products. The bag is roomy, but interior pockets are a little bit small comparing to others. Still, all the cons it’s not the deal-breaker.

The well-balanced and different angle lighting handle is undoubtedly the best feature for this bag in our top list.

  • Telescoping handle with all angles light
  • Magnetic folding cover
  • Quality materials
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Value for money
  • Interior pockets are small

Why Tool Bags for Air Travel is Different

Why Tool Bags for Air Travel Different

Working with an 18″ open tote for plumbers and carrying this one in the airport is not the same scenario. A user-friendly tool bag is a must for those who tend to travel by air for their job prospects. 

The comfortable carrying facilities, perfect weight balance with good mobility makes a bag air travel friendly. 

The bag should have more internal storage and pockets as you may not need to store huge in outer pockets during air travel.  

So the people who need air travel supportive tool bags don’t rush for an ordinary or expensive one before reading our buying guide.

Things to Consider for Best Tool Bags for Air Travel

Things to Consider for Best Tool Bags for Air Travel

People who travel with their tools need a specific genre bag with all the essential features.

By understanding your working nature and your tools number, you can easily go for a tool bag. But it’ll not make a smart decision.

Here we focused on something serious about tool bags that everyone will require, whether it’s your first flight or not.

Weight & Size

To carry a giant-sized bag for tools isn’t an ideal way for air travel. The bag with perfect organizable options and the right sizes is the best deal for any journey.

The overshaped heavy bag will cause you to pay some extra bucks while checking. Besides, most airlines will don’t allow more than 50lbs.
So purchase good-sized low weighty bags will not let you compromise your bucks and required tools.

Carrying System

Now this one is a serious feature for digging out the best tool bags for air travel.

During travel, your bag should have enough comfort to bear it for a long time. Air travel tool bags should have a good and sturdy handle to pull all the bag’s inside loads.

The telescoping handle helps to carry an extra small bag and lug conveniently.

If you’re a frequent air traveler, never hesitate to choose a good telescoping handle featured bag.

The low-quality flimsy handle may cause a break in between your journey- and it’ll be the most awkward moment that you never want!


Above all mentioned features will be worthless without proper wheels. Wheels are a significant factor as they’ll carry all the huge loads.

Go for at least 6 inches sized wheels. The wider wheels give you comfort and smooth-rolling during transportation.

Check the bag’s lower bottom that the wheel’s gaps are satisfactory or not.

Cheap plastic wheels are vulnerable. Additionally, some wheels aren’t perform great in city streets. Dig out a bag that wheels are well rated and city street-friendly.


Most workers carry heavy tools during air travel, which puts a lot of pressure on bags. Routine air travelers definitely choose a bag that has enough durability.

Shortly you can go for our premium pick. But you can also take another one if you’re well known for certain aspects.

Look out for good stitching quality along with zippers. Always try to choose a bag that has a big metallic smooth zipper. The big hole zippers will help you to lock and secure it during air travel.

Organization Facilities

This feature makes the bags different from regular basis bags. Good organize able pack allows carrying whole things.

Our experiences show that most air travelers go for a bag that provides more internal pockets. As people don’t store their tools outside during travel, they prefer more internal pocket bags.

Interior capacity should be huge to store big tools like drills, wrenches, etc.

If your job required tremendous carrying, go for a detachable divider bag. It’ll make more room to store oversized items.

Final Verdict

Dig out the best tool bags for air travel is not an easy task. You need to plagiarize yourself down the line what you need. Go according to your choice without hesitation.

If we’d invest, we’ll go for Husky GP 43196N13 – our top pick. The big interior with a sturdy telescoping handle makes this bag worth buying.

However, you can purchase anyone. Just make sure your chosen bag offers a strong telescoping handle, wheels, and enough storage.

We hope our professional buying guide will help your qualifying purchase.

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