Best Waterproof Biking Backpack

Best Waterproof Biking Backpack

Every year, more and more people are biking to work instead of driving. This is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Along with this, there has been an increase in the number of cyclists on the road.

With all these bikes on the road, it’s important for bike commuters to make sure their belongings stay dry while they’re riding. One way to do this is by investing in a waterproof backpack made specifically for biking!

In today’s post, we will be discussing what features you should look for when buying one of these backpacks so that you can stay safe and dry as you ride your bike!

Our Picks for Top 5 Best Waterproof Biking Backpack

1. BackSåk Waterproof Biking BackpackCheck Price
2. Pelliot 20L Waterproof Biking BackpackCheck Price
3. Brooks England Pickwick Day PackCheck Price
4. SealLine Urban Waterproof BackpackCheck Price
5. TIMBUK2 Especial Medio BackpackCheck Price

1. BackSåk Waterproof Biking Backpack

BackSåk Waterproof Biking Backpack

If you’re the type of rider who’s ready to take on anything, and you have a few scars up your sleeve from doing so, then BackSak offers rugged protection.

With its robust 500-denier construction and welded seams in with rolltop closure to keep water droplets out – it’s more than just a backpack; it’s a shield to stand against whatever nature throws your way.

You won’t be left without storage options either as this bad boy sports plenty of areas for attachments at both sides – capable of supporting even the heaviest of cargo loads!

But enough about how great BackSak is (which we know that most don’t care about), let’s talk about how easy it will be for you thanks to our helpful buying guide.

What We Liked

  • Durable and rugged construction to protect your gear against the elements
  • Well designed with plenty of attachment points
  • Rolltop closure keeps water droplets out

What Could Be Improved

  • It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as some other options currently on the market. But it is tough – don’t let that fool you
  • The strap system is not as adjustable

Bottom Line: This waterproof backpack might be the best choice for those looking to keep their tech safe and dry, but it’s not without its fair share of shortcomings. But when all is said and done – if this sounds like your kind of bag then consider checking out our list of the best waterproof backpacks.

2. Pelliot 20L Waterproof Biking Backpack

Pelliot 20L Waterproof Biking Backpack

This great budget biker backpack is perfect for commuter cyclists looking to keep their gear dry while on the go.

The Pelliot 20L Waterproof Biking Backpack has 7 pockets, including 1 open pocket with a side opening zipper and 1 main compartment lining with a sponge layer.

After a long day in the rain, you can make sure all of your stuff stays as dry as possible by taking precautions now instead of scrambling for your bike headwear last minute.

And because it’s made from an ultra-light, waterproof and tear-resistant nylon fabric, we know that our customers will be able to stash their equipment away without fear–rain or shine!

With an emergency whistle on the strap, this biking backpack just might save your life if necessary (let’s hope not, though!).

What We Liked

  • Lightweight, durable design for all-weather biking.Durable and rugged construction to protect your gear against the elements
  • Easy to adjust straps for your load size and a reflective piping on the back side of the bag so you can be seen in low light conditions.
  • Gear loops on top make it easy to attach additional items like lights or water bottles as needed
  • Plenty of room for a change of clothes, shoes and everything you need to hit the trails.

What Could Be Improved

  • None found yet! Maybe add one about how this bag is perfect for biking?

Bottom Line: This backpack has an innovative design with plenty of features for anyone who enjoys biking. It is a great choice for any bicyclist, regardless of skill level and the weather conditions they might face on their journey to work or school. The durability means this bag will last many years so you know your investment in it will be worthwhile.

3. Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack

Brooks Pickwick Day Pack

This Italian-made, vegetable tanned leather biking backpack is the perfect accessory for your next bike adventure. It’s Blue Sign approved and ready to withstand any elements you might come across on your journey! The secret of its strength?

Old school techniques like weathered edges that allow it to wear beautifully over time. Whether you’re off on a city ride or hitting the trail later this afternoon, rest assured knowing all your essentials are protected from the elements inside this essential daypack.

With a roll-top closure system keeping everything dry (and one chest strap to help hold things in place) whatever comes at you will be no match for Brooks England’s Pickwick Day Pack. And did we mention how handy it is when going through TSA checkpoints?

What We Liked

  • Highly water resistant fabric with taped seams
  • Roll top closure system to keep everything dry and secure. The chest strap helps too!
  • Convenient for airport security checks

What Could Be Improved

  • None that we can think of!

Bottom Line: The Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack is the perfect waterproof backpack for biking. Its highly water resistant fabric and taped seams will keep your essentials dry, while its handy roll-top closure system and chest strap helps to keep everything in place when you’re going through TSA checkpoints or just need a hands-free daypack.

4. SealLine Urban Waterproof Backpack

SealLine Urban Waterproof Backpack

So your office isn’t located in the same place as your home–sound familiar? Enter, SealLine’s Urban waterproof biking pack.

The PVC-free (and totally waterproof!) bag comes with a suspension system specifically designed for bike commuters and travelers and features intuitive quick clip closure to create an optimal seal.

This commuting bestie also includes a dry back panel that vents air channels for breathability. And because it’s never fun when you leave your laptop at work or have to travel without it, this backpack is fully prepared with pockets sized just right for laptops up to 15 inches!

Unlike any other industrial pack out there today–the Urban waterproof biking pack lets you get from A to B in style while being 100% safe from leaks and spills.

What We Liked

  • Padded laptop sleeve for up to a 15 inch computer, perfect for business travelers and students
  • Integrated rain cover that’s tucked away until you need it in an emergency situation, or if you’re caught unaware by the weather while commuting (it can happen!)
  • Side stretch pockets are perfect for a bike lock
  • Reflective piping on the straps
  • Internal laptop sleeve to keep your electronics safe from moisture and scratches.

What Could Be Improved

  • Sometimes the straps can slip off your shoulders, but this is easily fixed by tightening
  • Large size and weight might be too much for some people who want to use it just around town or on campus.

Bottom Line: This backpack is perfect for people who are biking to and from work or school, but it’s also great for traveling as the integrated raincover gives you peace of mind that your belongings will stay dry in any weather. The side stretch pockets make this a versatile bag with lots of storage space and quick access to items.

5. TIMBUK2 Especial Medio Backpack

TIMBUK2 Especial Medio Backpack

The Especial Medio Backpack is the perfect solution for cyclists looking to carry their belongings while keeping an organized and clean appearance.

This weatherproof, heavy-duty backpack features dual stretch water bottle pockets on the side and a laptop sleeve pocket that fits most 15″ laptops in order to keep your gear safe from rain or spills. The sleek pack also has reflective hits, so you’re always visible at night.

The backpack straps are made of a durable Cordura nylon material that’s lightweight for easy carrying but can hold plenty of weight as well, making it comfortable even when stuffed full.

Designed with bicycle riders in mind, this fashionable bag also comes with a front panel zipper zip that unzips to extend capacity if needed– great for days where you need to carry more gear.

What We Liked

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Reflective hits for safety at night

What Could Be Improved

  • The laptop sleeve is too small to fit a 17″ MacBook Pro. A 15″ laptop will fit, but it’s not the ideal size and maybe an issue depending on what you need your laptop for

Bottom Line: This is a great backpack for all your biking needs, especially if you’re looking for something that’s lightweight and water-resistant.

Best Waterproof Biking Backpack: Things To Consider

Things to consider before purchase the best waterproof biking backpack

What type of bike do you have?

If it’s a mountain bike then look for features such as clips that hook onto your handlebars so the bag can stay steady when riding downhill. If you have road bike then find out what mounts they come equipped with like a rear rack or loops on their seat.

What are your biking needs?

If you’re just going to be carrying some clothes and a laptop then it’s no problem. However, if you have other items that need storing like an extra helmet or tools, make sure the bag comes with enough compartments.

Do I want something lightweight?

Look for backpacks made of fabric material such as nylon rather than leather. Leather is heavier and may not allow air through which can make spaces sweaty when in contact with skin. Waterproof fabric materials also dry faster so they won’t get moldy during long cycles between uses.

Remember that this will increase how much stuff can fit inside because there isn’t any weight being distributed by leather straps!

Do I need something to carry a lot of stuff?

Look for backpacks with extra compartments and side pockets. If you’re looking at cycling packs specifically, this is important because it’ll allow you to store everything properly so nothing falls out or gets wet.

Extra storage will also come in handy if the pack doesn’t include an integrated pump which could be lost easily on long rides. You can use these separate slots for that instead!

What’s my price range?

This one may seem like a no-brainer but make sure your budget matches what kind of backpack is right for you.

Some high-end brands offer waterproofing as well as special features such as fully padded backs and reflective material, while some packs are more affordable but sacrifice features for the price.

What do I need to carry?

You’ll want a backpack that can store everything you need for your ride without being too bulky! Consider what kind of gear and supplies you typically bring with you on the trail. Recording devices or snacks may take up space in an already limited pack.

If you’re looking at cycling backpacks specifically then consider any special items like extra wheels or pedals if needed.

How much should my pack weigh?

This is important because heavier bags will put stress on your shoulders and neck making it difficult to bike comfortably.

Keep the weight of your pack to a minimum by packing any heavy items in the lower parts and on one side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my backpack is waterproof?

The best way to determine the waterproofness of a backpack is by looking at the material, seams and zips. Look for double stitching on all seams and high quality materials or fabrics with sealed edges such as nylon taffeta, polyester laminates, PVC coated fabric etc.

All these types are made from lightweight but durable water repellent materials which will prevent any moisture damage during bad weather conditions.

Is cycling with a backpack good?

If you’re bike shopping with a budget, then it might be cheaper to invest in a lightweight backpack that straps comfortably around your chest or waist instead.

Many cyclists claim the best backpacks will have an air flow system between the bag and body which helps regulate temperature on hot days.

Can I cycle with a rucksack?

If you’re looking for a versatile option to carry your belongings while cycling, then invest in a rucksack which will fit on the back of your bike.

Backpacks are much lighter than this type of bag and it might be more comfortable if you have an extra storage space available on your bicycle that can store a backpack.

Our Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the best waterproof biking backpack for you will depend on your needs and what type of cycling you plan to do.

If you just need a lightweight bag that can store more than one item or have items inside of it that might get wet then choose between an open or closed back pack.

But if you’re going deep into unknown territory with your bike in all types of climates, then consider investing in a rucksack which has extra storage space available.

Or if you know where you’ll be cycling at the majority of time but don’t want to carry heavy gear around all day long, invest in a lightweight water resistant backpack instead!

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