15 bushcraft camping gear

15 Bushcraft Camping Gear: Every Traveler Should Carry

No matter what time of year, having the right gear with you when camping can make or break your experience. Whether it’s winter camping or a summer camp-out on a beach, there are some basics that every traveler should carry in order to remain comfortable and safe throughout their trip.

Here’s an easy list of 15 bushcraft camping gear items for beginners that will make sure you have everything you need no matter where life takes you.

15 Bushcraft Camping Gear:

Remember! These 15 gear and tools are some of the most common ones found in bushcraft camping equipment and they are very useful. They will help you make your bushcraft camping more enjoyable and comfortable.

Note: If you’re looking forward to more info about all the bushcraft essentials. Take a look at our blog post and you won’t be disappointed.

1. Tent:

Choosing a tent that is easy to transport and big enough to fit your whole group comfortably is the very first thing you need to do when shopping for camping equipment.

This will save you both time and money in the long run, as well as allow you to focus on other necessities like emergency supplies.

2. Sleeping bag:

The best sleeping bag for camping will be one that is lightweight, durable, and easy to carry.

Some bags can weigh up to ten pounds or more before being packed, so you want to make sure you’re choosing the right type of equipment for your trip ahead of time.

Note: Our blog post on how to pack your bushcraft backpack may help if you find the packing difficult.

And remember! A great sleeping bag isn’t just for camping. It can be used indoors or in your car as an emergency blanket during the winter months, so don’t forget to include it on your shopping list!

3. Bedding:

Even if you’re not planning a trip into the wilderness right away, it’s important to keep bedding with you at all times (especially considering how easy beds are to carry around!).

Having this gear on hand allows you to take full advantage of every situation that arises and gives you one less thing to worry about during an intense situation.

4. A backpack: 

One of the most important items you can have on hand when camping or hiking is a backpack that has plenty of room.

Choosing one with a large capacity will allow you to hold everything you need while keeping your hands free and can also be used as an emergency storage container in case the weather turns bad.

Nowadays, there are many leather bushcraft backpacks available and they are really durable in terms of other materials.

5. Binoculars:

Every outdoor enthusiast needs a pair of binoculars! Whether you’re looking for birds or wildlife or simply want a better view from the top of a hill as you and your friends sit around campfires at night, these compact pieces of equipment will allow you to see farther than ever before.

5. A map: 

It can be easy to lose your way when exploring the wilderness, so it’s important to choose a map that matches your skill level. Whether you’re hiking along a trail or looking for hidden treasures in an old field, having this gear on hand is sure to put your mind at ease.

7. A compass: 

The best thing about a compass is that it doesn’t take up much room, so you can easily carry it in your backpack. Keeping one on hand will allow you to make sure you’re heading in the right direction at all times.

8. A watch: 

Having a great-looking watch while camping with friends can give you an extra boost of confidence as well as keep you on schedule. The perfect watch for camping should be durable, water-resistant, and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry whenever you’re out in the wilderness.

9. Folding shovel: 

If you’re planning a trip into areas with plenty of bushes and tall grasses, it can be easy to lose sight of your surroundings when hiking through them. Having a folding shovel with you will allow you to clear the way without straining your back or shoulders!

10. Emergency blanket: 

No matter what else you bring along, make sure that an emergency blanket is among the first things you pack before heading off on a camping trip!

This miniature version of an adult sleeping bag should always be kept in your car just in case bad weather hits while you’re on the road and can easily be tucked away during normal travel.

11. First aid kit: 

Make sure you have a first aid kit with you at all times when camping, even if you’re just spending the night in your backyard.

This important piece of equipment should include anything you think could be useful in an emergency situation such as bandages, ointments, and more!

12. A flashlight: 

Many people don’t realize how helpful flashlights can be while camping until they lack one during their trip. There’s no better way to see what’s around you than by using this portable source of light, so make sure it is among the first things on your list before heading out into the wilderness with friends or family!

13. Matches and/or fire starters: 

Lighting a fire is an important part of camping and can be almost as fun as the actual activity itself! Whether you’re using them to keep warm or to cook your favorite dish over an open flame, having plenty of matches and fire starters on hand is essential.

14. Gutting knife: 

When fishing, gutting a fish can sometimes be just as exciting (if not more) than catching it in the first place.

Having a handy tool like a gutting knife around will allow you to quickly remove this material without much hassle, which is sure to make your trip that much better!

15. Water bottle: 

It’s incredibly important for anyone planning on spending an extended period of time outdoors to stay well-hydrated, so having one or more water bottles on hand will allow you to do just that!

Make sure it’s designed with convenience in mind as well as durability; collapsible varieties make carrying them around much easier than traditional rigid bottles would.

Last Few Words…

No matter what kind of trip you’re planning next, having these 15 pieces of camping gear with you is sure to make the experience more enjoyable!

Use this list as a starting point for your shopping trip, then add anything else that sparks your interest to your personal collection of outdoor equipment.

Having good equipment on hand makes all the difference when it comes to following through with one of life’s most exciting hobbies!

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