What do skateboarders carry in their backpacks

12 Essential Items to Carry in Your Skateboarder Backpack

Skateboarders need to have a lot of items with them at all times. The most important is their skateboard, but they also carry keys, wallets, phones, and more! All of these items can fit in one backpack if you pack them right.

What do skateboarders carry in their backpacks? What are the essentials for carrying around when skating? What should be left at home and what should be packed on every ride? We’ve got your answers below!

12 Things That Every Skateboarder Needs

What do skateboarders carry in their backpacks? What are the essentials for carrying around when skating? What should be left at home and what should be packed on every ride? We’ve got your answers below!

1. Helmet:

It might seem like an obvious thing to have when travelling through traffic by foot but safety doesn’t stop once you get on board! Protect yourself from head injuries by wearing one whenever you roll.

2. Gloves & Deck Protector:

Protect your hands from any scratches during a fall by wearing gloves. And when not skating, there’s always the risk of scratching up your deck – so use this to provide some extra protection while you’re on foot.

3. Water bottle or camelbak bladder :

It’s important to stay hydrated and be mindful of how much you drink during a day skating, so bring along a water bottle with some electrolytes!

4. Lunch box (or food):

Bring lunch from home instead of spending money at restaurants every time you’re hungry for something more than what is offered by convenience stores near where we skate. If you don’t bring your lunch, you’ll be tempted to spend money on fast food or junk that is not good for the body.

5. Shoes:

It’s important to change shoes when skating long distances so they don’t wear out and also if you’re going from a rough surface (like asphalt) to something else like wood.

6. Phone with an app such as ”Uber” installed :

If it’s getting late at night and there are no other ways of transportation available, this will come in handy!

7. Cash Money:

Bring cash because sometimes things might happen unexpectedly during skateboarding while traveling. There could be an emergency situation where you need more supplies than what you brought,

8. Hand sanitizer:

Not much is worse than the aftermath of wiping out in all that grime, so be sure to wash up and keep yourself clean before you start eating anything! And make sure to use hand sanitizer if there isn’t water around.

9. Phone charger cord/wireless headphones(or earbuds):

Having a couple backup chargers is always good, but be sure not to bring them all together in one spot and leave it as an easy target for thieves.

10. Light jacket/Hoodie:

Weather is unpredictable and time of day changes, so it’s essential to have a light jacket or hoodie in the backpack that can be pulled out when needed.

11. Bandaids/First Aid Kit :

Accidents happen!!! Don’t let them ruin your day by not being prepared.

12. Sunscreen:

Skateboarders should always wear sunscreen on their arms and faces because they’re exposed more than people who don’t skate.

How to organize your skater backpack with pockets & compartments?

  • Skateboarders can pack their skateboarding gear in a backpack with compartments.
  • The most important thing to carry is the helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, which should all be stored inside pockets or zipped up pouches to protect from breaking during transportation.
  • Packs of tools need space too: decks, wheels, and bearings might require room as well as any other items that they want to keep close by when skating such as headphones or wallets.
  • There are also some items that might not be essential for a skateboarding session but can make the experience more enjoyable without having to carry other bulky objects.
  • Some skaters may want an extra set of clothes in their backpack so they do not have to wear sweaty gear after skating and don’t need access to as many toiletries during travel since there is usually no shower at the skatepark.
  • A towel is useful if somebody needs one when traveling near water or wants something dry with which to clean up before heading home or starting another day.
  • An additional item would likely depend on personal preference; things like snacks, sunblock, wet wipes, chapstick, or headphones could all come in handy depending on the skateboarder’s needs.
  • A water bottle is necessary for hydration, and a map or compass might be helpful if the skater intends on exploring unknown territory.
  • Finally, cameras are also popular items to carry to document skating sessions with friends and family and capture memories of new places visited during travel.


Skateboarders should carry a backpack of essential items while skating in order to avoid injury or inconvenience.

Items such as tissues, power bars, phone chargers and first-aid kits are staples for any skateboarding enthusiast’s pack. Other important pieces that can be included for comfort purposes include chapstick, car keys and extra boards.”

Skateboarders must always bring their backpacks when they go on long journeys so that they have all these necessary supplies with them at all times!

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