What to Do The Summer Before Law School?

What to Do The Summer Before Law School? (Must Read)

Law students are typically advised to take the summer before classes start off as a time for relaxation or try and get ahead with what they will be learning in their first semester. You might also want to work on any small projects that you’ve meant to finish but haven’t had time yet. 

Finally, you can think about how you’ll be spending your free time during your second year of study. It’s a great idea to talk with upperclassmen (lawyers who have already graduated) about what they did during their summers at this age so that you can pick up some good tips!

Here in this article, I will give you some ideas about how to spend your summer to make sure that when September comes around, everything has been taken care of so that all you need to worry about is studying for your exams!

15 Things You Can Do This Summer to Prepare for Law School

  • Read Book
  • Get Involved in a Project
  • Attend Summer Law Events
  • Observe Lawyers in Their Natural Habitat
  • Do Some Housecleaning
  • Read Law-Related Books
  • Take Notes
  • Take Care of Your Health
  • Join a Student Organization
  • Prepare Your Mind
  • Prepare for Fall
  • Find a Study Routine
  • Adjust Your Schedule
  • Get Active On Social Media (if applicable)
  • Enjoy Your Summer

1) Read a Book:

It is always good to use the summer as an opportunity to read a book that you have not yet had time for. 

Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or one of those books that combine both fiction and non-fiction (a “thriller”), it will be interesting to see what you can read over the summer before you go back to law school. 

If you have a list of books that your law firm, professors, or other lawyers recommend, it is worth checking those out from the library during the summer as well! 

So if you’re carrying your law school items in a backpack, you might reasonably expect to find any important books.

2) Get Involved in a Project:

There are tons of small projects out there that people do for fun during their free time! Some of these are very small and simple, such as building a birdhouse in your backyard. 

Other projects are more complex – maybe you’ll be able to finish renovating a room of the house over the summer! 

Or perhaps there’s something at work that needs some work done on it. If you have a law firm or corporate job then this is something worth considering!

3) Attend Summer Law Events:

There may not always be opportunities for events like lectures and legal workshops over the summer. 

Still, there might also be local conferences hosted by student groups or even sponsored by other organizations (such as FNLSC). 

It might help find a group on Facebook or Google+ where people share information about upcoming events in the NYC area!

4) Observe Lawyers in Their Natural Habitat:

You can make the most of the summer by watching how your professors and senior lawyers carry themselves. 

This includes their mannerisms, what they wear, and even how they speak. In particular, you can learn a lot about conversational style from observing other people who are experienced with it already. 

You might even want to take notes on things that you see so that you can write them down later – this will be particularly useful when it comes time to prepare for classes again!

5) Do Some Housecleaning:

Just like any other project, doing a few hours of housework every day is something that will help both yourself and those around you over the summer. 

It would be great if you had a summer job to help you out with this! If not, just devote an hour or two a day to make your living space a much more relaxing and welcoming place.

6) Read Law-Related Books:

There are tons of books out there that are related to law in some way or another. Some subjects are easy to find information about, such as environmental protection laws. 

Other topics can be harder to get useful material on, but it is always valuable for any student of law to try and learn something new during their free time.

7) Take Notes:

Over the summer before starting law school, it’s important that everybody makes sure they take notes on what they think will be important when classes start up again. 

There’s no use in wasting time during the first semester and not knowing what to write down – this will be a real problem!

8) Take Care of Your Health:

You want to make sure that your health is still up to par when you start law school. After all, it can take a big toll on people who are just beginning their education process. 

It would be great if you had access to a gym or other exercise facilities – but even without one there are plenty of small things that you can work out at home as well. 

Just like any other job, it’s important to stay active over the summer so that you’ll have an easier time when classes begin again in September. A healthy mind works better than an unhealthy one, after all!

09) Join a Student Organization:

It’s been said that joining a student organization during your first year of school is one of the best things you can do to enhance your overall experience. 

There are all kinds of organizations who will be looking for new members over the summer, from student government to law-related clubs!

10) Prepare Your Mind:

There are many ways that people can relax and unwind over the summer. It’s important that whatever method works best for you is used before the start of classes again so that you’ll be in top form when it comes time to hit the books again. 

Some people will go on long vacations while others like to stay close to home and relax there. Whatever you do, just make sure that it’s in your best interest to stay relaxed and well rested this summer so that you’ll be ready for the upcoming academic year.

11) Prepare for Fall:

Just like any other job it’s a great idea to prepare for the upcoming work year. 

This should include doing any necessary reading for your classes, ensuring that you have all of your supplies and upgrading them if needed (like buying a new laptop if you need one), and staying active so that you’ll be in top form when classes begin again!

12) Find a Study Routine:

It can take time to find out what works best for you when it comes to studying. 

Some people like quiet study areas while others prefer the sound of loud music or television shows on in the background. Either way, this might be something worth working out during summer break so that by the time school reopens in September you’ll be ready to attack your first semester of studies!

13) Adjust Your Schedule:

If possible, try to fit in a few classes before the start of law school in order to get your body back into the routine. 

This might mean taking a class at night or getting up early on weekends just so you can do some reading beforehand. The more time you have under your belt heading into the new semester, the better it will be for everyone involved! 

14) Get Active On Social Media (if applicable):

It’s very important that we stay connected via Facebook and other social media outlets during this busy time. 

However, it’s also crucial not to become too engrossed with our online lives – especially when there are so many other things that need to be accomplished during the summer!

15) Enjoy Your Summer:

Summer is a special time of the year that you should definitely take advantage of. 

If you live in NYC or some other large city, there are many outdoor festivals, concerts, and bars to go see something new and exciting. 

The summer can also be relaxing, especially if you have an opportunity to travel out of town for a bit. 

Just make sure that while you’re having fun during your free time that it doesn’t get out of hand – nobody wants to fall behind on their reading because they spent too much time partying with friends over the summer!

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